Month: March 2020

Cats care

How to clean the ears of a cat at home?

How to clean the ears of cats? It would seem that there is nothing difficult. But that process has its own nuances, not knowing which you can harm your pet. In our article, we will tell you whether you need to clean the ears of cats, how often and what you need to pay attention […]

Cats parenting

Why cat cries at night?

Cats are wonderful creatures and loving them is simply impossible! However, even the sweetest pet can bring the owner to a white heat. For example, if you take it a rule to shout at night so loud that sleep can say goodbye! What is this habit? The cat is yelling at night: causes Hormonal surges. […]

Kitten care

How you get rid of fleas off a kitten?

Handle kittens from parasites, you must be careful, because incorrectly selected medications or dosage can harm the fragile body. How to rid a kitten of fleas, talk in our article. How you get rid of fleas in a kitten at home? 6 steps. 1. Consult with a veterinary specialist. Upon detection of the kitten, fleas […]

Kitten care

At what age to take a kitten?

At what age to take a kitten? Is one of the first questions that should come to the front of the future owner. And it is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. That at what age and how well the baby was taken away from mom depends on his future health and […]

Cat breeds

Kurilian Bobtail

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Bold, smart and friendly cat with a short tail. Some habits are reminiscent of dogs. Appearance The Kurilian Bobtail is a cat of medium size, the hallmark of which is the short tail. The Bobtail is well-developed, yet compact musculature, strong bones, slightly arched back, a raised croup, strong […]

Kitten care

Stress the kitten

Contents: What is stress? The most common causes of stress in kittens Why stress is especially dangerous for kittens? Stress in kittens: symptoms Treatment and prevention of stress Stress affects not only us but also our Pets. Especially at an early age. In our article, we will talk about stress in kittens. What is stress? […]