Month: May 2020

Feeding kittens

Can kittens fruits and berries?

We love our Pets and often they anthropomorphize our. For example, even if the kitten eats food of the highest quality, we worry about it: and if he likes to eat the same thing every day, and suddenly he was tired of dry pellets, and can still feed it vegetables? A familiar situation? Chelovechina Pets, […]

Cats care

How to trim nails of the cat?

Contents: Why do cats claws cut? How often can I trim nails? How to trim cat claws? Overview of tools Do I need to cut the cats claws? If Yes, how often and how to do it? Let us consider these questions together! Why do cats claws cut? In terms of street living cats claws […]

Feeding kittens

L-carnitine in the feed for kittens

Contents: What is L-carnitine? The effect of L-carnitine: L-carnitine – an important component of feed for kittens. What this substance is and what are its benefits? Choosing a diet for your pet, a caring owner carefully examines its composition. We know that the first in the list of ingredients should be meat, the carbohydrate sources […]

Cats care

And your cat is ready for winter?

Winter is snowflakes on the window, a magical new year mood, warm blankets and coziness. Perhaps this time of year is most like your cat. When the window is cold, so it’s nice to bask with the owner under a blanket to NAP on her knitted sweater and hunt for feet in warm socks! But […]

Cat health

Cystitis in cats: what to do?

Contents: What to do if a cat has cystitis? Prevention of cystitis in cats From previous article we know how to manifest cystitis in cats. What to do if you notice signs of disease in your pet? What is the basis treatment and prevention of cystitis? What to do if a cat has cystitis? If […]

Cat breeds

British longhair cat

Contents: Description Character Health Care History Perfect Pets with funny fluffy cheeks and long hair. Description British longhair cat is a variation of the British Shorthair, was registered as a separate breed. The stature and character of these two breeds are virtually indistinguishable. The British is a rather large cat with strong bones. Their weight […]

Cat breeds

Siamese cat

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Exotic graceful cat with a mysterious Siam are universal favorites, the interest does not abate for centuries. But not only the characteristic appearance is the main advantage of the breed never ceases to surprise and the unpredictable nature of Pets, to do that indefinitely. Appearance Siamese cats have a […]

Cats transportation

How to transport a cat to another city or country

Contents: Car Bus Train The plane Carriage in the cabin Transportation in the baggage compartment Pet owners often find it necessary to organize the transportation of their Pets. A vacation whether it’s repaired in the apartment or move, but the question “How to transport a cat?” sounds again and again. It is not very difficult, […]

Cats care

do dogs and cats air?

For washing of dogs and cats are special shampoos, which are chosen according to skin type and coat. For complete care after shampoo experts recommend the use of air conditioning. But is it true you need him? Let’s deal.  Even if the pet never leaves the apartment, he needs to bathe. A cat or a […]

Games for cats

If the cat wakes up at night

Cats love to sleep. But, unfortunately, mainly during the day. Therefore, the complaints of owners that the Pets disturb their sleep, in our world – are not uncommon. Is it possible to deal with the restlessness of cats and how to win a holiday? Wild cousins of domestic cats are mainly nocturnal, and echoes this […]

Feeding kittens

Can the kittens dry food?

Contents: At what age kittens can be given dry food? Dry cat food: which is better? Kittens feed on their mother’s milk until 2 (and sometimes more) months. However, at this age, kids are encouraged to enter into the diet of other products. This is done in order to gradually prepare the body for self-nutrition […]