Can the kittens dry food?

Можно ли котятам сухой корм?
  • At what age kittens can be given dry food?
  • Dry cat food: which is better?

Kittens feed on their mother’s milk until 2 (and sometimes more) months. However, at this age, kids are encouraged to enter into the diet of other products. This is done in order to gradually prepare the body for self-nutrition and specific foods as well as to the expense of useful components of food contribute to the proper development of the baby and strengthen his immune system. But what products are the first in the diet? Is it possible to give kittens dry food?

Dry food not only fits the role of the first independent food in the lives of young Pets, but is the best option. But there is one correction: the product must be of high quality, balanced and designed specifically for kittens. Why is it so important?

The fact that kids grow very fast, they have increased metabolism and for the proper development they need nutritious food, containing a full range of vitamins and minerals. Quality food designed to suit the needs of the body in a period of rapid growth and development and daily saturate it with all necessary substances. To achieve the same result using natural feeding is impossible. That is why in this type of feeding Pets also give additional vitamin and mineral fertilizer. In addition, it is worth considering that kittens have a sensitive digestion. Incorrectly selected or poor quality products can lead to serious digestive disorders and even poisoning, therefore, this issue must be careful. Besides don’t forget that sudden changes in the feed strike the body even healthy adult cats, but with immature kids need to be more careful.

At what age kittens can be given dry food?

When Pets turns only 3 weeks, they are already trying to lap up water from the saucer. Kittens grow up even sooner than the puppies, and on reaching the 1 month they can already start to translate on a special dry food. To soak the pellets with water is not necessary. Even at such an early age they can easily cope with them. In addition, such food will be a great help during the change of milk teeth.

Initially offered to feed kittens milk cats. Ie, kids continue to drink the mother’s milk, and they are supported. When the animals will be 2 months and there will come a time to fully translate them to the dry food, they will take complete replacement with ease, as will already be familiar with it. In this case, the body will avoid the stress.

It is very important to gradually introduce in the diet that is the food that you are going to feed in the future. Remember that change line feed is recommended only if necessary.

Можно ли котятам сухой корм?

Dry cat food: which is better?

When choosing ready diet make sure you read its composition. Food for kittens must be complete and balanced.

High quality meat as the number 1 ingredient, high content of protein and fat, a balanced level of calcium and phosphorus, fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, xylooligosaccharide and antioxidants (e.g., vitamin E) in the composition will be a big advantage.

A high quality food for kittens (e.g., MONGE SUPERPREMIUM KITTEN) are also used for adult cats during pregnancy and lactation, which is not only convenient, but also economical.

Summing up, we note that the question of feeding is one of the most fundamental, because it determines the quality and duration of life of Pets. Be careful in choosing the diet and do not hesitate to consult with experienced breeders and experts.

Let your kittens grow up healthy!

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