Month: January 2020

Cats care

is sterilized When the kittens?

Contents: When to neuter a kitten? Is it possible to sterilize an adult cat? In a previous article, “Sterilization kitten” we discussed what is spaying and neutering, listed the pros and cons of the procedure. Today we will tell you what age are sterilized cats and kittens, and why. When to neuter a kitten? The […]

Cat breeds

Cornish Rex

Contents: Appearance Behavior Health Care History Charming cats – Cornish Rex – with curly hair and cheerful demeanor! Most friendly Pets can easily find a common language with others and never cease to amaze with his energy. Wavy coat, which is a hallmark of the breed, evenly sweeps over the body and attaches to the […]

Cat breeds

Somali cat (Somalia)

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Somali cat – a handsome, truly a Royal pet with the appearance of a Fox and the nature of the perfect pet. Somalia is always the soul of the company, starts a friendship with people and with Pets, and in addition, striking a sharp mind and almost human habits! […]

Cat breeds

Manx cat (the Manx)

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Manx cat – a pretty, good-natured Pets, the main feature of which is the absence of a tail. But, of course, the breed is appreciated not only for an outlandish appearance but also for the remarkable character: minxy inquisitive, active and obedient and very affectionate. In addition, they adore […]

Cat health

How to protect your cat from ticks?

In the warm season many owners bring the cats to walk on the grass or take them with you to the cottage. But outside the apartment Pets are waiting for not only a pleasant adventure, but also danger. One of them is ticks. Ticks are parasites that live in the environment and feeding on the […]

Cat health

the Rules of vaccination of cats

To comply with the vaccination scheme and hold it in a good veterinary clinic is only half the battle. It is also very important to choose the right time for the procedure and to properly prepare for her cat. The rules about vaccinated cats read our article. Vaccination is carried out only on animals with […]

Cats care

How to choose a bowl for the cat?

Proper nutrition is not only the right food, but a well-chosen bowl! Did you know that their quality depends on the appetite and health of your pet? In our article we will explain how to choose a bowl for the cat, on what characteristics to pay attention to and why it is so important. When […]

Feeding kittens

Guidelines for feeding kittens

Contents: So what to feed your pet to develop properly and grow healthy, vigorous and cheerful? You have long dreamed of Pets, planning, choosing a breed, and then came the long-awaited moment: in your house there was a small, fluffy kitten! Ahead – a lot of new discoveries, many years of joy from communication with […]

Kitten care

How funny to name a kitten?

Contents: How to call a kitten? Funny name for a kitten In your home a kitten? And have you decided how to call it? “Cats” and “Cats” already out of fashion. Give the pet a special, unusual name, because you have it special – the best! And we will try to help you with this. […]

Cat breeds

Exotic (exotic Shorthair)

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Interesting fact Exotics – this plush twin Persian cats, only with short hair. Compared to its closest relatives, the Exotic Shorthair is more mobile and inquisitive. They love to play, good with kids and other Pets. It seems that good manners and neatness birth invested in these Pets. Appearance […]

Games for cats

Top 10 best toys for cats

Contents: All kinds of teasers Fishing rods Laser pointer or other interactive toy laser ray Tracks for cats Electronic toy Pet GiGwi Droid Toys with Catnip The toy is “Mint leaf” Kong “Kicker” with Catnip Mechanical toys for cats Soft mice, fish and balls We have already mentioned how important game in the life of […]