Where did the domestic cat has fleas?

Fleas are the most common external parasites of cats. If you let a pet outside without anti-parasitic treatment, with a 100% chance he has fleas. But what about those who never leave the apartment? Can be got fleas in domestic cats? And if so, where?

Reason fleas are the most common parasites of dogs, cats and rodents. They are very tenacious, resilient and even resourceful. In adverse conditions, the flea can fall asleep. But if nearby there is a “victim”, it instantly is activated and in a hurry to move to a new carrier.

Откуда у домашней кошки блохи?

Unlike the mites that fall asleep at least in cold weather, fleas are active all year round. They live not only on the street (in the grass, on the ground, or even in the snow), but in the basements of houses and in the hallways. In the winter months, the risk to meet with fleas increases near the heat: the parasites are hardy, but heat-loving. And, of course, the dream of every flea – to move to a warm apartment with Pets. There she will be able to quickly create a large colony of their relatives!

Just imagine: one daily adult flea lays more than 40 eggs. From these eggs hatch larvae. They hide in the nooks in the crevices, behind baseboards, in furniture, in the folds of clothes, in the carpets, in the bedding and house pet. You won’t even notice them in his apartment until they turn into tens or hundreds of adult parasites. The larvae feed on skin scales, excrement of adult fleas and other debris, and only at the achievement of a sexual maturity migrate to the animals.

Now you yourself can answer the question, where did the domestic cat flea. Could have brought them in from the street your dog (if you have two Pets), they could bring you to own clothes or shoes, and even a flea could get into the apartment from the porch or the basement. Unnoticed by such guests will stay for long. In good conditions, the parasites multiply at a staggering rate, and in just a couple of days, you will inevitably suspect their appearance.

A cat infected with fleas, itchy and “pinch” the skin of his teeth in an attempt to catch the tormentor. Noticing these symptoms, carefully inspect your pet. Armed with a comb or expand the coat directly with your hands. Inspect all the body. Most likely, you will almost immediately see the adult parasite. Also, tip is used the black dust on the skin is the excrement of fleas.

If no adult parasites or their waste, you have not found, and the cat is still itchy, consult your veterinary specialist. Maybe it’s the skin diseases.

We already talked about the speed of propagation of fleas. That is why prevention is easier than dealing with the already established parasites. One flea on your cat is several dozen larvae in the apartment. Until you destroy adult fleas, new ones appear. Thus, the fight against parasites can take a long time, and you will need to process not only the pet but the entire apartment.

Откуда у домашней кошки блохи?

Why homemade cat fleas, of course. But how to prevent infection? This will help the year-round treatment of parasites. Select the means of protection from fleas, which is suitable for your cat, and upgrade treatment as soon as the period of its validity.

It is important to carry out preventive treatment against parasites regularly, as fleas are potential vectors of various diseases. Not treated and not vaccinated animal is exposed to serious danger. A large number of fleas can cause anaemia, which is especially dangerous for kids.

Take care of the health of their Pets and let their health will be flawless!

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