What toys need the cat?

Какие игрушки нужны кошке?
Curiosity and the desire to play is a good indicator of the health of cats. No matter how plush Bumpkin nor was your cat in the first place, by nature, he is a real hunter. And in terms of domestic content games are for cats imitation of hunting, but also a way of maintaining good physical shape.

The activity of the pet depends on his temperament. Many cats ready to be worn around the apartment all day, and others great pleasure to loll around on the couch. But even if your cat is naturally phlegmatic, he will never give up on your favorite game. And this desire should be encouraged.

Games for cats is not just an interesting hobby and physical activity, but also intellectual development, and a way of dealing with stress. Also will not be superfluous to mention that fascinating toys have already saved a lot of furniture and Wallpaper from the sharp claws of bored Pets.

Many of the problems with cat behavior is often solved just by means of fascinating toys. After moving into a new house that toys and the attention of others distract the kitten from pining for her mother, the toys reduce stress during transportation of the animal and save him from boredom during the long absence of the master. An interesting problem suggested by the cats in the form of interactive toys and puzzle toys, to develop intelligence and learn to find solutions in unusual situations. Again, interactive toys that Pets can play on their own – a real salvation for the owners of hyperactive cats, always demanding attention. All sorts of teasers intended for playing together, master and pet are one more reason to have fun and learn to better understand each other.

Какие игрушки нужны кошке?

Many cat owners complain that Pets keep them awake. Cats are nocturnal animals, and many of them just love to run around the apartment at night. Toys help to solve this problem. In pet stores you can buy a special “silent” cat toys that your pet will be able to play at night without making any noise and without disturbing your sleep.

It’s amazing how many things were saved thanks to the toys! Boredom is our home predators may decide to get to the ledge by the curtain, tear the back of the couch or roll personal belongings of the owners throughout the apartment. However, if the pet’s attention will be attracted to an exciting game, his destructive behavior will remain in the past.

But what kind of toys like a cat? In this matter much depends on the individual preferences of the cat. But as a win-win option can result in a variety of teasers, all kinds of balls, wobblers, three-tracks for cats, electronic interactive toys (like GiGwi Pet Droid) and of course, toys impregnated with Catnip. Buy toys to play together with your pet and toys that the cat can play alone. The more cat toys – the better. Whimsical predators quickly bored monotonous game, but if they can choose the happy leisure guaranteed!

By the way, read more about cat games can be read in our other article Top 10 toys for cats.

Selection of toys – a fun and exciting process that will help the owner to better study the habits and preferences of your pet. Your cat is sure to appreciate it!

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