Why kitty licks the hair and burrows into them?

  • Why the kitten climbs in your hair?
  • Why kitten licks and sucks hair?
  • Whether to wean kittens from this behavior?

If at night you can’t sleep because kitty licks your hair and buries itself in them – you know, you are not alone! This habit is common to many kittens, especially those who are early taken away from his mother. Talking about this behavior and whether or not to wean?

Why the kitten climbs in your hair?

Did you notice that the kitten burrows into the hair when he especially good? For example, when he is satiated, tired fun game or going to bed?

Satisfied and happy, it tends to lie closer to the headmistress and how to dig into favorite hair. Hair associates the kitten with wool and returns to the days when he slept under a fluffy side mother. And this feeling of warmth, protection and absolute peace.

Sometimes the kitten climbs in your hair and pokes at the scalp following the echoes of instincts. It’s like he’s trying to find mother’s nipple. Usually, so do very young kittens, which was too early taken away from my mom. They have not had time to adjust to “adult” mode, though, and learned to eat independently.

Почему котенок лижет волосы и зарывается в них?

Why kitten licks and sucks hair?

Lick hair masters is another common habit of kittens. As well as the desire to dig, it is caused by associations with the mother. But, in addition, may have a different character.

Most likely, licking your hair, the kitten demonstrates his good-will and gratitude. Notice the diligence with which the cats are living together, care about each other? The same kitten is trying to do with you. Licking your hair, it shows their concern and feelings.

And two common causes. Sometimes a kitten just loves the smell of the hair shampoo or conditioner which uses the hostess. It’s funny, but this behavior also works in the opposite direction. The kitten can start to lick the hair, if he, on the contrary, do not like their smell. Thus he delivers us from the “horrible” flavor. Here’s to you and another caring!

Почему котенок лижет волосы и зарывается в них?

Whether to wean kittens from this behavior?

In many cases, such habits are in and of themselves, as they grow older kitten. But it is better not to rely on it and immediately engaged in education. After all, if the little one digging in my hair, can still look cute, like the behavior of an adult cat is unlikely to be pleased!

To wean the kitten from addiction to hair you need to very gently and carefully. Do not forget that this way the baby shares with you the best feelings, and to punish him for it is at least cruel.

Your task is to distract the pet’s attention. When he reaches for your hair, clearly say, “No”, move him, pet, give the treat. Don’t let again to move to the head. Alternatively, put a pillow between you.

Don’t encourage your pet when he digs in your hair or licks them. If at this time you will gently talk to him, he never unlearns their habits.

Good luck to you in education. Take care of the hair and Pets! 😉

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