How to protect your cat from ticks?

Как приучить кошку 🐈 к улице - Мурчалкин
In the warm season many owners bring the cats to walk on the grass or take them with you to the cottage. But outside the apartment Pets are waiting for not only a pleasant adventure, but also danger. One of them is ticks.

Ticks are parasites that live in the environment and feeding on the blood of mammals, including humans. Structure hungry individuals similar to spiders. But when a tick attaches itself to the victim and sucks blood, its body swells and becomes like a large pea.

Contrary to stereotypes, to meet with the tick is not necessary to go into the forest. The cat may have picked up a parasite while walking in the yard on the harness. Moreover, you can bring the tick to the apartment on the shoes or outerwear. The probability of a bite is maximized if you take a pet with you to the cottage. The cat just enough to run through tall grass to collect not one or even two, but dozens of ticks!

How dangerous are parasites? Of course, the bite of a bloodsucking insect is in itself unpleasant, but this is not important. Ticks are vectors of various infectious diseases, some of which without timely treatment, lead to death. Dogs can catch from ticks babesiosis (piroplasmosis), and for cats maximum danger is hemobartonella. The virus infects erythrocytes, spreads quickly and if untreated leads to oxygen starvation, organ failure and subsequent death of the animal.

Как защитить кошку от клещей?

Given such consequences, the risk in any case not worth it. If you decide to go with a cat for a walk or take her with you to the cottage, the first thing you should do is pre-treat it against ticks. How to do it and why in advance?

In pet stores you will be offered a variety of antiparasitic agents: drops on the withers, collars, sprays, shampoos, etc. Carefully study their description, method of application and the validity period and choose what is convenient for you. Before buying it is desirable to find customer reviews and information about the brand. Do not forget to check the expiration date means, and the processing of the animal strictly follow the application instructions.

After applying the product, the protection is not effective immediately. This usually takes 2-3 days, depending on the particular drug. For example, drops from ticks “frontline Combo” applied to the skin the cat 2-3 days before departure. Drops “Brolin” for 2 days. Antiparasitic collars (e.g., “Foresto”) you need to put in around 3-5 days before you travel. Treatment spray, for example, the “front line”, also performed a couple of days.

For a certain period of time before and after handling pet cannot be bathed! Read more about this in the application instructions of the selected funds.

In addition to treatment, don’t forget about regular inspection of the pet. As soon as he returned from the street, carefully inspect the skin and coat. Pay special attention to the places where the least amount of hair: ear-shells, muzzle, axillary and inguinal cavities. You may be able to detect the parasites before the time of the bite.

Another measure of protection from ticks is mowing the lawn. Mites readily breed in long grass, but are rare in short. Someone also handles the lawn from parasites with special chemical substances. However, they, unfortunately, unsafe for children and animals.

Be careful not to forget that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat! Protect your pet!

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