Guidelines for feeding kittens

Рекомендации по кормлению котят
  • So what to feed your pet to develop properly and grow healthy, vigorous and cheerful?

You have long dreamed of Pets, planning, choosing a breed, and then came the long-awaited moment: in your house there was a small, fluffy kitten! Ahead – a lot of new discoveries, many years of joy from communication with meowing pet and pride in his achievements. But do not forget that buying a kitten is an important and responsible step, because throughout life your pet will need attention, care and proper care, and his health and well-being are in your hands.

And, of course, special attention from the owners require the first months of life of the pet. In animals as in people: kitten exploring the world with the same interest as a small child, and is also developing quickly. The emotions, the experience of communicating with people and other animals, which is experiencing a little fluffy, form the basis for the formation of his character and perception of the world. The same applies to the health of the baby: a kitten is growing fast, moves a lot, his body is developing and strengthening, and for this he just need a proper, balanced diet, enriched with vitamins and useful elements. It is at this stage the immune system and lay the Foundation of the health of the kitten for the rest of his life.

Well fed kitten cheerful, happy and cheerful, he has a beautiful and shiny coat, a healthy, strong body and a strong immune system, which already saves kitten from various ailments.

Рекомендации по кормлению котят

So what to feed your pet to develop properly and grow healthy, vigorous and cheerful?

Of course, the best recommendation for this question will be provided by the veterinarian or the breeder who raised many generations of kittens and is well versed in the intricacies of the care and maintenance of a specific breed. As a rule, a good breeder is always “on” connection and at any time can answer all questions, which is an additional advantage of purchasing a kitten in the nursery. But there are General guidelines for feeding kittens, which we mention in our article. For a start, note that we are talking about kittens from 6 weeks of age, because during this period babies begin to refuse the breast milk.

Just a few years ago the main diet as kittens and adult cats were eating from the table. Today the situation has changed: numerous studies have shown the harmful effects of fatty, spiced, salty or sweet food on the body of cats. And especially for Pets has developed a line of high-quality, balanced and prepared feeds, which includes food and special food for kittens.

Рекомендации по кормлению котят

Indeed, over time, more and more people give preference to the prepared feedsbecause they contain all the essential animal components, in addition, there is no need to spend time cooking. But it is worth considering that food is the stern strife, and if the range of premium ensures your pet is necessary for proper growth and development elements, poor quality food undermines the health of the animal and triggers the development of various diseases.

Unfortunately, some owners choose inexpensive food in order to save, not thinking that if the background improper feeding the cat is sick, her treatment will have to spend more. Remember, health is not an area where you need to save, take care of the health of his household.

Always pay attention to the composition of the feed. Since cats are predators, it is the main component of finished feed must be cereal grains and meat.

For the proper development of the kitten needs food that contains fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and mineral substances in certain proportions. In the diet should be both dry and canned (wet) food.

As for natural food, the leftovers from the table is not an option for either a kitten or adult cat. Fried, spiced, oily, salty, sweet – in a word, human food is not suitable for animals and causes a disturbance of the nutrient balance. As a result, your pet will appear to stomach upset and will start of weight problems, he won’t be able to properly grow and develop, his coat will be dull and your immune system is weakened.

In addition, in a period of rapid development, the body of a kitten in dire need of optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals. The lack of them, as, in fact, an overabundance can lead to serious ailments. For example, the lack of calcium quickly affects the bone tissues. Therefore, the key to success is the right balance of nutrients. When natural food experts recommend to include in the diet of cats and kittens mineral supplements.

Picking up food for a kitten, think about it: what cats eat in their natural habitat?

Their main food is rodents and birds, which the predator eats whole, together with the contents of the stomach of prey, herbs, and grasses. So the food your kitten should also be diverse and include many useful elements. Do not feed the pet only “milk” or only to meat: food must be balanced! As the production of the cat in nature, a small in home animal food should be given in small portions.

Choosing natural food, kittens, generally fed boiled meat chicken, Turkey, rabbit and beef in combination with cereals, vegetables and greens.

Contrary to stereotypes, giving milk to the kittens undesirable, otherwise indigestion will be provided.

But kefir, yogurt and other dairy products is the most native food for a growing kitten. As for cereals, it is best to cook porridge and add the pieces of meat for the kitten ate with pleasure. Also, kittens can be given fish and eggs but in small quantities.

Don’t forget that cats salt cannot!

Before feeding food for kittens crushed, and meat removed all the bones.

If you later want to transfer the kitten with natural food at the ready, make changes to the diet gradually. First, let the kitten dry food, abundantly moistened with water, then gradually reduce the amount of water coming to normal consistency of the finished product.

Important rule: water should always be freely available to kitten, regardless of the type of food.

Some cat owners prefer a mixed type of feeding, the diet ready to feed and natural food. A diet of less preferred, so as to respect the necessary balance is extremely difficult and in the digestive system of a pet may start crashing. If you feed your cat dry and natural food, be sure to observe the 2-hour interval between the two types of feeding.

Place the area of nutrition your pet away from the tray. Cats are incredibly clean animals, and the place where are their bowls must always be kept clean.

In the future, when you know your pet closer, you will discover a wonderful cat’s habits and personal preferences of your pet. And yet take care of the health of your kitten and let it grow healthy and beautiful!

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