is sterilized When the kittens?

  • When to neuter a kitten?
  • Is it possible to sterilize an adult cat?

In a previous article, “Sterilization kitten” we discussed what is spaying and neutering, listed the pros and cons of the procedure. Today we will tell you what age are sterilized cats and kittens, and why.

When to neuter a kitten?

The minimum age for neutering a kitten-boy – 6 months to sterilize the kitten-girl – 8 months. Earlier operation is not valid, because the body (especially the urogenital system) are not yet fully formed, and the consequences of such a procedure are at risk to be negative.

However, the question of “how much to neuter a kitten?” more and more experts unanimously answer: in 1 year!

Sterilization is better not to hurry. Despite the fact that in 6 months the reproductive system of the kitten has already been formed, in General, the body continues to develop throughout the first year of life. Only this time the immune system begins to work in full force and fragile little kittens are transformed into strong and resilient young cats who will easily be able to move in such a surgery.

Neutering at an early age (before 6 months) causes abnormalities of bones and internal organs, the emergence of diseases (e.g. ICD), and is often accompanied by complications.

Is it possible to sterilize an adult cat?

If 1 year is the ideal age to sterilize a kitten, then what is the situation with older Pets?

Any veterinarian will answer that what matters is not age (except minimum limits), and the health of the cat. If your pet is healthy and strong – not important, 2, 3 years or 6 years you will be lead to sterilization. It is important that his health was not a serious problem and the body could without any consequences to postpone surgery.

For this reason, it is not recommended to sterilize an older dog. The “old man” weakens the cardiovascular system and manifest other negative age-related changes. Therefore, the “retired” cats are better left alone. It’s not the right age for a categorical change.

Sterilization is allowed only strong, healthy animals.

Before planning for sterilization be sure to consult with a veterinarian. He appointed the cat an examination and conduct the necessary tests to the health of your four-legged friend was not threatened.

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