the Cat doesn’t drink from the bowl!

  • The power of instinct!
  • Why the cat drinks water from the tap?
  • Why cats don’t drink from the bowl?
  • How to teach your cat to drink water from a bowl?
Oh, those Pets! How often do they surprise us with their strange habits! For example, ignoring a bowl of fresh water, but happy to drink water from the aquarium and carefully lick the sink… But if the cat is not coming to the bowl for a long time it becomes a big problem. Water is essential for all animals to maintain balance in the body, and for cats to drink plenty of liquids – it is also prevention ICD. How can that be? Why the cat does not drink water from a bowl?

The power of instinct!

In the wild cats drink water from the ponds. They choose flowing water bodies and streams with clean, cool and fresh water. And they never eat where they drink and Vice versa. These habits are firmly fixed in the genetic memory of all, including domestic cats. Knowing about them, you will better understand the behavior of your pet.

Why the cat drinks water from the tap?

The vast number of domestic cats the world would trade a bowl on a constantly open valve. But because we are such waste can not afford, they need to do a small to drink from the bowl (the master mug, aquarium, bucket or even the toilet!) and catch the moments when the water is turned on.

Why cats drink water from the tap? Feel resemblance with brook? Water from the tap is constantly in motion, it is pure, fresh and cool – just like in nature. And yet it is possible to play with foot! How can you resist?

Кошка не пьет из миски!

Why cats don’t drink from the bowl?

Here are the main reasons why your pet may ignore the bowl.

1. Bowl the cat is not suitable. If the bowl is too small or too large, the pet justifiably might not take it.

2. The bowl is made of poor quality material. This material may smell (if you can’t smell, can not say what it is not: a cats sense of smell is much sharper). In addition, it is easily scratched and cracked. The damage going dirt and germs that puts its mark on the taste and quality of juicy water.

3. The bowl is in the wrong place. Some cats refuse to drink from bowls or double bowls, standing near the food. In such cases, the water can get food, it will have a different smell, and the cats never drink where eating.

It is impossible to put the bowl on the ground with high permeability, in a draft near a toilet, household chemicals, and noisy equipment. All these and many other factors encourage the pet to drink.

4. Each pet should have its own bowl. If your home has multiple cats or a dog, choose a different bowl. For a self-respecting cat to use the “pond” from which you just drank the dog is blasphemy!

5. Questionable water quality. The most important item we saved for last. Most often cats refuse to drink from the bowl, because the owner is bad it rarely washes or changes the water.

The bowl should be carefully washed every day. Preferably, without the use of detergents, so it does not remain odors. The water is replaced with one or, better yet, several times a day. Do you observe these rules?

Drinking plenty of fluids is necessary for maintaining health, and the failure cats to drink from bowls can not be ignored. Some owners decide that this behavior is nothing wrong, saying, drink from the tank if you want. But this water, as well as tea from your mug, not for cats useful and does not satisfy the body’s need moisture. The cat needs to drink clean, fresh water at room temperature and to have access to it at any time. Be careful!

Кошка не пьет из миски!

How to teach your cat to drink water from a bowl?

Your actions:

– purchase the correct bowl

– place the bowl in a suitable location (not near the food, household chemicals, noisy machinery and tray, not in the draft and not on the aisle),

– regularly clean the bowl

– change the water at least once a day

– don’t let a few animals to drink from the same bowl.

The ideal option is a few bowls in different parts of the apartment. Most importantly, do not forget to change them in the water. When the cat will decide on their favorite “watering places”, the other bowls can be removed.

Tell me, how are you doing with drinking your favorites?

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