Month: February 2020

Cat breeds

Siberian cat

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Siberian cat is a gentle, fluffy beauty with a noble character. Despite the strong attachment to the owner, they are incredibly self-sufficient and never impose. Friendly Pets get along well with children and easily find a common language with other Pets. Appearance Siberian cat is large furry beauties who […]

Cats care

Top 5 most fluffy cat breeds

If you’ve always dreamed about fluffy the cat and is now contemplating what breed to choose, pay attention to our Top 5! Among these cats, you’re sure to find your perfect pet! Most fluffy cats in the world Siberian cat. Northern belles, the pride of our country. As the name implies, the breed was formed […]

Kitten care

Picked up the kitten from the streets: action plan

The decision to get the kitten should be weighed and carefully thought through. But there are times when stake – the lives of little creatures and every minute is like gold. A kitten can throw under the door, or you, coming home from work, encounter a defenseless homeless man a ball and can not pass […]

Cats care

a cat and a child in the same house

Contents: Dangerous cats for children? How cats treat a newborn? A cat and a small child in the house: what to pay attention? How to establish joint life of a cat and a baby under the same roof? Your family expected completion, and you’re worried how the baby will react to a cat? Maybe you […]

Cats parenting

Cat jumps on your face and bite!

Contents: Why cat bites a person? How to wean cat jump on your face and bite? From all the negative habits that are found in cats, the habit to jump on the face of the unpleasant. In the end, it is also dangerous: cat claws are not only left on the skin scratches, but can […]

Cats care

How to bring fleas in cats?

Contents: Fleas in cats: symptoms Dangerous fleas for cats? How you get rid of fleas in domestic cats? The 5 steps. Parasites can wind up at any cat: it doesn’t matter, she walks on the street or not. Where did the domestic cat fleas, read the previous article. What if to protect Pets from infection […]

Cat breeds

Devon Rex

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History The Devon Rex is an unusual cat with sheep’s coat and funny ears of a bat. Sociable, cheerful and empathetic, they are the true family members and best friends both people and other cats (and even dogs). Appearance The Devon Rex is a cat of medium size, weighing up […]

Cat health

Should I Spay Or Neuter My Pet? Part 1

Cats just seem to “show up” on your doorstep and we wonder if they are the result of being dumped. Cat owners that live in and around rural areas are more likely to feed free-roaming cats than are people who live in the cities. There are those who think that cats and dogs would eventually […]

Feeding cats

What to feed big cats?

Contents: Features of the physiology of kittens large breed What affects the size of cats? The diet of big cats The better to feed the Maine Coon and other large cats? What is special about the physiology of big cats: Maine Coon, Savannah, the Chausie, Serval, Norwegian and Siberian cats? Do they need a special […]

Cat health

Obesity in cats: how dangerous is it?

Overweight pet cats is a very common issue. If wild cats in nature daily to overcome great distances and hunt, Pets chained outside the apartment, moving is much less. Lack of physical activity combined with an unbalanced diet leads to weight gain. It does not matter that many owners of their “chubby” Pets seem cute, […]

Kitten care

feline Panleukopenia in kittens

Contents: What is feline panleukopenia? Infection with feline panleukopenia Panleukopenia in kittens: symptoms Treatment and prevention of panleukopenia Feline panleukopenia is also known as feline distemper. This is very dangerous and, unfortunately, a common disease that affects adult cats and kittens. Without timely treatment, it inevitably leads to death. And if the symptoms in adult […]