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Heard about the unpleasant cat odor? Now, that’s a myth! If the cat to properly care and maintain the cleanliness of her tray, the apartment no odor. Great helper this is a good filler for the tray. What are fillers and how to choose a suitable one? About it in our article.



Cat fillers in pet store huge selection. The most popular today is wood, silica gel and clay (clumping) fillers. There is also mineral, corn, paper, zeolite, and even the fillers of soy pulp. What are their main advantages and disadvantages?

  • Clay fillers are very popular with the cats. They are better than other absorb moisture and form dense clumps that are easy to remove. Disadvantage: requires frequent replacement. The quality of the filler depends on the quality of the clay.
  • Wood – an environmentally friendly material. Suitable for kittens, because safety in the case of eating. Affordable and does not cause allergies. Cons: quickly crumble and spread in the apartment, needs frequent replacement.
  • Silica gel – absorbs and holds the smell, there is no need to change economically. Cons: high price, hissing when wet (might scare the cat), the filler you need to mix regularly in the tray. If the cat manages to swallow a filler, not to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Corn and mineral – natural materials, safe for kittens. Absorb well, easy to clean. Cons: requires complete replacement, entangled in the wool and spread through the apartment.

Fillers of all types are designed to facilitate the owner’s care for the cat, to eliminate odors and maintain a clean tray. They differ in composition, the principle of operation, ease of use, speed of consumption, the price and other parameters.

Find the perfect filler for the first time – a great success. Usually have to try different options before finding one that suits both the cat and its owner. But we will help you to avoid mistakes and unnecessary spending. Which filler is better?

Какой наполнитель для кошачьего туалета выбрать?                                                     
How to choose the perfect filler for a cat? 7 steps

If you are going to the pet store for litter, take these items note. Read carefully the information on the package, if necessary, ask questions of the consultant and think about which option you prefer. So you can avoid mistakes and unnecessary spending.

1. Composition.

The filler should be safe for the pet. There are occasions when the wrong filler caused allergic reactions and dermatological diseases. Give preference to natural fillers without additives and synthetic fragrances and do not use not intended for tray materials.

It is not recommended to use as a filler in paper, wool and others, not designed for this material. They not only do their function, but also can be dangerous for your pet.

2. The degree of absorption and anti-odor.

To absorb and eliminate the unpleasant smell is the main task of the filler. Read how well the filler doing its function.

With an unpleasant odor effectively reduces clumping bentonite litter (clay from volcanic ash). It instantly absorbs moisture and forms strong clumps, which retain the smell for a long time and are easy to remove from the trays.

3. The ease of use.

Versatile filler, which is like all the owners and Pets, without exception, does not happen. One like wood fillers, others clay, and still others can’t imagine life without silica gel fillers.

Decide in advance what type of filler you prefer. Absorbing fillers can be replaced less often, but you have to clean the whole tray. Lumps require frequent attention, however, they allow you to remove only the contaminated part, which reduces consumption and saves time.

4. No dust!

It is better not to consider the filler, which pours and dust. Otherwise, the cat will carry it on their feet throughout the apartment, and you will have a hard time cleaning it up. But what’s worse: the cat would regularly inhale small particles, and this can lead to allergies and even asthma.

Какой наполнитель для кошачьего туалета выбрать?

5. The size of the granules.

Well, if the filler is suitable for your cat-sized pellet so it will be much more comfortable to use. For example, kittens fit fine granules, and long-haired cats – large, so they do not get entangled in their luxurious fur.

Ideally, when a brand offers a filler with several types of granules (as in the litter Biokats), that is, one filler combines small, medium, and large granules. This is a universal formula for all cats that cope with several tasks:

  • Large granules quickly absorb the smell and not let him spread through the apartment. This is achieved due to the wide porous surface and high absorption capacity.
  • The granules are medium in size and fill the space between large and small granules quickly absorb liquid and form dense clumps that are easy to remove with a shovel.
  • Small granules form tiny flat lumps and reduce the consumption of filler, allow longer to use it.

6. Lowest price – not always a plus!

When choosing a line you should not focus on the lowest cost. Of course, you always want to take the cheaper option and save. But in practice, such “savings” will result in extra costs and inconvenience in use.

You can take the filler by weight for 100 rubles, but it will spread throughout the apartment on the legs and after the first two applications will start to smell badly. You often have to replace it and it will be consumed faster. Add to this the inconvenience of cleaning and the risk that the cat will not want to use it because of the rapid pollution and would prefer their “own Affairs” cozy corner of your bedroom.

Fillers’ higher price category (e.g. premium) is paid off. They hold the smell for a long time, they do not need to be changed frequently, they do not accumulate dust and not taken out of the tray.

A big plus that premium fillers can have their own technologies that improve efficiency. For example, in a clay fillers Biokats is a technology fight odor AromaProtect. Aromatic molecules catch the odor of urine and replace it pleasing to the human sense of smell a fresh scent.

7. You can flush the toilet.

This item is hardly required, but in practice, it really makes life easier. If your filler can flush the toilet, clean the cat will be much easier!

Какой наполнитель для кошачьего туалета выбрать?

And finally: always be guided by the preferences of your cat. If she’s not used to the new litter for a couple of days, keep searching for a suitable place. In case of any health problems: cough, sneezing, skin rash, etc., to quickly show a cat veterinary specialist.

Wish your cat is a clean litter box!


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