Obesity in cats: how dangerous is it?

Ожирение у кошек: насколько это опасно?

Overweight pet cats is a very common issue. If wild cats in nature daily to overcome great distances and hunt, Pets chained outside the apartment, moving is much less. Lack of physical activity combined with an unbalanced diet leads to weight gain. It does not matter that many owners of their “chubby” Pets seem cute, the dangers of obesity should not be underestimated.

Obesity in cats does not appear out of nowhere. Typically, the pet starts to gain weight gradually. And if you do not start fighting the problem in time, his health will be threatened.

Being overweight can be hereditary, genetic disease or the consequence of serious disease, but it is only isolated cases. Most overweight lead a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. At risk are sterilized and Pets, because hormonal changes are often accompanied by weight gain.

What is the danger of obesity? Overweight cats provokes serious diseases, some of which are irreversible. These conditions include heart failure, kidney stones, diabetes, and diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus, metabolic disorders, digestive disorders, etc. And it’s not just words. For example, according to statistics urolithiasis suffers every third cat. Heart failure is also common and, unfortunately, irreversible disease, delaying the impact on the quality of life of the cats.

Ожирение у кошек: насколько это опасно?

Thus, to risk the health of your pet in any case not worth it. The problem is easier to prevent than to deal with it. The physical form of a cat always remained within the normal range, provide for her optimal physical load (this will help the toys and active games), maintain a proper diet and monitor her health (this will help regular home inspections and periodic examinations by a veterinarian).

Cat obesity: what to do?

Treatment for obesity for cats is assigned exclusively a veterinary technician. As a rule, it is based on a special diet and optimum physical activity. We’ll talk more about that.

Quality food for cats with obesity is specially designed to reduce excess body weight and maintain good physical shape. Popular Bessarabia therapeutic diet (e.g., Monge Grain Free Vetsolution Obesity), as they are easily digested and do not cause food intolerances. Among other advantages of the diet it is possible to note the presence of superoxide dismutase (prevents oxidative stress) and xylooligosaccharides regulating intestinal microflora and enhance the immune system, which is very important in the fight against obesity.

Properly selected diet is the main treatment. It allows to maintain optimal weight of the animal in the future. The main thing is to observe the rate of feeding and not to disturb the recommendations of a physician.

With regard to physical activity, its intensity is different for each cat. It depends on breed and individual characteristics and health status. To determine how active must be the life of your pet will help a veterinary specialist.

Ожирение у кошек: насколько это опасно?

Of course, if the cause of obesity – a hereditary, genetic or if the problem has led other disease, the treatment will be based on other methods.

Take care of the health of their Pets, and may they be healthy!

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