What to feed big cats?

  • Features of the physiology of kittens large breed
  • What affects the size of cats?
  • The diet of big cats
  • The better to feed the Maine Coon and other large cats?

What is special about the physiology of big cats: Maine Coon, Savannah, the Chausie, Serval, Norwegian and Siberian cats? Do they need a special diet or feed them in the same way as cats of other breeds? Let’s look at this in our article.

According to the international cat Association, the most popular cats in the year 2019 turned out to be Maine coons. That’s them in our country give birth more often.

Cats of large breeds at the peak of popularity not only in Russia but throughout the world. Maine Coon cats, servals, savannahs, the Chausie, Siberian and Norwegian cats, ragdoll, society, Bobtail, their gigantic size and magnificent beauty will win the heart of anyone. But in order to provide proper pet care, and with it a long and happy life, the owner needs to know about the peculiarities of the physiology of your pet. Do you need to keep in mind?

Чем кормить крупных кошек?

Features of the physiology of kittens large breed

  • Newborn kitten large cat weighs 100-160 grams, and after a week his weight is doubled.
  • Kittens’ large breeds grow two times faster than other cats. At 7-8 weeks they stretch and gaining significant weight. Some breeders believe that the size of a kitten it is possible to determine its sex.
  • To 2 months healthy kitten Maine Coon is the average weight of 2 kg, whereas purebred kitten would weigh 500-600 g.
  • In 2 months’ time gradually transition baby to independent feeding. The transition from maternal milk to feed should be gradual to avoid digestive disorders. Healthy kittens have a good appetite and enjoy eating 6 times per day.
  • At 5 months kittens large breed can weigh about 3-4 kg and catch up on the size of an adult domestic cat.
  • After a year the growth of large cats is slowing, but not stopping. Pet can grow up to 3-5 years. During this period a large cat continues to develop muscles, it is gaining in weight. So, Maine coons reach their maximum growth in 2 years. There are cases when Pets are growing in leaps and bounds and gaining a kilogram a month. However, the owner should carefully monitor the increase and to prevent weight gain.

What affects the size of cats?

A key factor affecting the size of cats, its genetics. The larger the parents, the larger will be the kitten. But there are other factors influencing growth: the quality of care, health, individual characteristics, and most importantly – diet.

The cat who eats poorly, can not reach its best shape even with an impeccable pedigree. What do you need to consider when making the diet furry giant?

Чем кормить крупных кошек?

The diet of big cats

We now know that big cats are growing faster and longer than other cats. But proper development is possible only thanks to appropriately balanced feeding.

“Weak” place in cats of large breeds is the musculoskeletal system, particularly joints. Bones, ligaments, joints and muscles need your support to cat feel easy and comfortable with its rapid growth and significant weight.

The ration of Maine Coon cats and other large cats should be filled with protein and nutrients to support the skeleton and muscles. Wrong to think that if you give the cat more calcium – it will grow big and strong. Excess calcium interferes with digesting proteins and some trace elements, particularly zinc. And this leads to dermatological diseases and deterioration in the quality of wool.

The main thing in the diet is a balance of components. An overabundance of vitamins and minerals and their deficiency leads to serious health problems.

When a natural type of feeding the cat needs to give additional vitamin-mineral complex. Choose it will help a veterinary specialist.

When feeding prepared diets healthy cat additional vitamins are not necessary, since the feed composition is balanced and gives you everything you need a pet. Most importantly, the food must be of good quality (not lower than the superclass) and get the cat breed and individual characteristics.

Do not skimp on the stern! A high-quality balanced diet is the prevention of a huge number of diseases and the key to a good shape for your pet.

The better to feed the Maine Coon and other large cats?

From 12 months, the cat is transferred to an adult diet. The owner needs to decide for themselves which type of feeding will stick: industrial finished feed or natural products? Mixing two types of feeding is impossible: this would lead to severe metabolic disorders in the body and further diseases on this basis.

Each type of feeding has its pros and cons. Not to say that one is better than the other. The main requirements are the quality and balance of components.

If you chose the “straight girl”, the diet has to be agreed with a veterinary technician. Please note that the cat can not be feed only by meat, even if it is very good. Only meat is not a balanced feeding. In the diet of a healthy cat should also contain herbal components, albeit in small quantities. When a natural type of feeding pet needs additional vitamin and mineral complex.

Finished feed is divided into classes according to quality, the grade must not be lower superpremium. The diet should be tailored to the breed, so it is better to choose food created especially for large breed cats (for example food for large breeds with Buffalo meat Buffalo Monge). These foods meet the high protein needs and promote the health of the musculoskeletal system due to the balance in the composition of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin. Please note that a lack or overabundance of calcium and phosphorus, what happens if the diet is not balanced, lead to bone deformation.

Advantage of special food for large cats is also optimal grain size. The cat does not need to quickly swallow food, it first has to chew. And in nature: cats coach of the jaw, cutting up the prey. Chewing solid food is useful for maintaining the health of the jaw muscles and prevent Tartar. Upon contact with the pellets plaque scraped from the teeth mechanically. In cats on dry food the risk of Tartar buildup is lower than that of cats, which consume mostly soft foods.

Чем кормить крупных кошек?

These are the basic rules of a healthy diet of large cats. Don’t forget about clean drinking water, which should always be freely available, and useful treats – they will help you make the happiest cat.

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