Picked up the kitten from the streets: action plan

The decision to get the kitten should be weighed and carefully thought through. But there are times when stake – the lives of little creatures and every minute is like gold. A kitten can throw under the door, or you, coming home from work, encounter a defenseless homeless man a ball and can not pass by. If so, you are a true hero! The kid was very lucky to run into you, otherwise, he would have most likely died. But be careful: stray animals can carry serious infectious diseases. To save the baby and save your own health and the health of other pets safe, we must act correctly and quickly. Our 10 steps will help you with this!

What to do with a kitten in the street?

Step 1: isolation

If you have other Pets in no case do not rush to acquaint them with new. The kitten in the street almost 100% infested with fleas and worms, besides it can carry infection.

For the first time, the kitten should be isolated from other Pets. Well, if you are able to allocate to it a separate room. But if there is no suitable storage room or balcony (in the warm season).

Ideally, the quarantine period lasts two weeks. This is the incubation period of most infections. But the sooner you take the kitten to a specialist, the sooner you will get a complete picture of his health. Quite possibly, the need for long quarantine will not.

Isolation implies not only the division of space, but the distinction of things. Have new and other Pets should not be shared bowls, toys and beds, etc.

Step 2: wash hands after contact

After each contact with the kitten, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water!

Step 3: a visit to a veterinary specialist

Possible immediately take the kitten to a veterinary specialist. Explain that picked up a kitten from the street, and he will conduct all necessary tests to check on baby, recommend antiparasitic products, type of feeding, etc., depending on the specific condition of the animal, care for them may differ. It would be useful to obtain relevant recommendations from the specialist, because the kitten is very weak and the slightest error can lead to very sad consequences.

Step 4: home inspection

If you have no opportunity immediately to contact the vet, conduct a home inspection. Inspect the eyes and ears of a kitten. Strong surface contamination can be removed with a clean cloth and boiled water. But to go into the ear with cotton buds is not worth it! Receding hairline and bald spots can be a result of poor diet and living on the street, and the symptoms of skin diseases. Try not to touch them and do not self-medicate. The diagnosis and to appoint correct treatment can only specialists.

Step 5: bathing

Due to the stress of the kittens is not recommended to bathe on the first day of their stay in the new house. However, if the kid is very dirty, it is wiser still to clean it off. This will require a special shampoo for kittens.

If the right shampoo is not at hand, rinse the kitten with plain water or wipe with a damp sponge (cloth, brush, etc).

Do not use not intended for kittens means they can to hurt him!

Подобрали котенка с улицы: план действий

Step 6: treatment for fleas

The next step is to bring the kitten parasites. As it to make, prompt veterinary specialist. He will recommend safe drug and dosage in accordance with the age and weight of your kitten.

If you buy a remedy for fleas yourself, make sure that it is suitable for kittens and carefully calculate the dosage according to weight. Read more about this in the article “How to get the fleas from a kitten?”.

Step 7: de-worming

Most domestic cats infected with helminths. What can we say about the homeless? With 99.9% probability, the kitten off the street has worms and it is very dangerous. Strong infestation can lead to death.

Deworming of kittens should be under the control of the veterinary surgeon. Improper means of dosage can be fatal, especially if the kitten was not yet 2 months.

Step 8: feed correctly

Proper feeding is the basis of the fundamentals of caring for any Pets. Scary to think, what to eat kitten on the street. Unsuitable living conditions, stress, diseases and other negative factors hit childish, immature bodies. In your power to fix it! Pick a well-balanced diet specifically for kittens. Follow the feeding recommendations, and very soon your baby will gain strength!

Step 9: vaccination

When the kitten is completely stronger and his health is okay, move on to the next step: vaccination. Read more about this article “When to vaccinate kittens?”.

Step 10: ongoing monitoring of health

The hard part’s over: the life of the baby out of threat! You can finally relax and enjoy the company of your pet. However, the task of each host to regularly take care of their wards in a timely manner to notice any discomfort, take the pet for check-UPS at the vet and always keep a finger on the pulse.

Подобрали котенка с улицы: план действий

No doubt saved the kitten was very lucky with the master. But you are also very lucky to have him. From timid kid will definitely grow up with a loyal, grateful and empathetic friend. You’ll see it!

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