Feed as nature intended!

Кормить как задумано природой!

Cats and dogs can be very affectionate and to demonstrate friendliness and comfort. However, by their nature, they are primarily predators. Of course, this does not mean that a hand that suddenly howl like a wolf, and Teddy Briton will prefer the sofa wild Prairie. But the identity of predators means that the diet of the pet must fully meet the needs of a predator, that is, to be natural and consist of high-quality animal protein. Read more about the characteristics of an ideal feed for dogs and cats talk in our article.

Perfect food for the home of the predator, what is it?

Let’s imagine that we can create the perfect diet that corresponds to the natural eating habits of predators. Take into account the fast pace of modern life and make this a dry food, because dry food is most convenient and economical. But what will be its composition?

  • First of all, natural. Food will not contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other harmful substances to the body.
  • The basis of the feed will be high quality animal protein, i.e. meat fresh selected. Its share in the composition should be not less than 65%.
  • All components of the feed are carefully balanced. The deficit of useful substances, threat as well as an overabundance of them. In our stern of vitamins and minerals is exactly what is necessary for the pet for a healthy and happy life.
  • The content of grains in the composition will be strictly limited. Vegetable diet is useful for cats and dogs, but only in small quantities. In nature, the grains enter the body of the predator from the stomach of prey. And that means that our feed grains should be, but in any case not as its basis!

A large number of plant food for a predator is a direct path to digestive disorders, food allergies and gastrointestinal diseases!

  • The feed will contain berries and herbs. Remember, we create a diet as close to natural? Berries and herbs –the richest sources of nutrients and natural fiber. Will add them to our piggy Bank!
  • Excellent taste. In nature a predator will not abandon their prey, whereas a pet may be hard to ignore the suggested meals. Our food was liked by all, without exception, extend the palette of tastes. Why would instead of the classic chicken not to offer the dog meat of wild boar, ostrich or deer, and cat – rabbit meat or anchovy? No hunter can’t resist!

Here we have collected the main characteristics of the perfect diet. And now the good news is, this food is not fantasy, it can be purchased in modern pet stores.

Every year more and more producers of animal feed put the emphasis on the naturalness of composition and according to the physiological needs of Pets. A vivid example – an innovative line of natural food for cats and dogs BWILD Monge, designed to feed Pets the way nature intended. BWILD is the diets with a high meat content (over 65% meat ingredients) and unusual palette of flavors: wild boar, ostrich, venison, hare, trout, berries and herbs. But, more importantly, it is a complete and balanced nutrition that meets the natural needs of the pet, easily absorbed and nourishes the body with a full complex of useful items.

Due to such rations, the owner can not to worry about the quality of the feeding, and his pet grow healthy, beautiful and happy.

But what food you choose? Tell me why.

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