Scratching posts for cats: the furniture and Wallpaper were not injured

Not loving cats is almost impossible, however, to start meowing furry lumps is solved not all. Many before to take a kitten for a long time I doubt: what if the pet will start to ruin the furniture or scratch the Wallpaper? However, the rumors about the passion of cats to damage to Wallpaper and furniture is somewhat exaggerated, and if the house is properly equipped a special place for the point of the mouth, the new repair and beloved furniture will not suffer! Let’s talk about how to achieve this.

To begin, we note that the desire to sharpen its claws on a whim and not a behavioral lack of your pet, but a real instinct. In nature, the representatives of the cat are always sharpening their claws, because of the health and sharpness of the claws depends on hunting success and, consequently, survival.

To scold and punish a cat for natural need not only cruel, but useless. The question should be posed differently: how to teach your cat to a particular place to sharpen claws, so it does not spoil the Wallpaper and furniture?

Fortunately, in practice, it’s pretty simple, and in many ways, the success of your venture will depend on your professional approach, patience and consistency.

Когтеточки для кошек: чтобы мебель и обои не пострадали

If you got a pet recently, and he is not addicted to the damage to Wallpaper and furniture, be sure to get a scratching post and set it to the kitten place. Then watch his reaction. Many kittens themselves are accustomed to scratching posts, and other hard to ignore it – and then they need help. For example, you can go to this trick: while playing tease kitty tease and bring her to the scratching post, though, trying to catch the teaser, the kitten will rely on a scratching post or crawl on it.

The scratching post, you can apply a few drops of Catnip. This smell attractive to most cats, and, most likely, your pet will start to scratch the scratching post with gusto.

If despite the measures adopted, you saw that the kitten went to a door jamb or the back of a sofa with a very clear purpose, strictly and loudly tell him “No!” and take the pet to scratch posts. When he sharpen my claws properly, praise him, and give a treat. You can also put a scratching post near the place where the kitten had intended to sharpen its claws. Don’t worry, after the pet to get used to scratching posts, it can be freely moved.

What to do if a cat has learned to scratch the Wallpaper or the furniture and is actively involved in it in your absence?

Most importantly, to limit access of a pet to a favorite point of claws to the ground. This can be done by using a special repellent sprays sold in pet stores, perfume, or essential oil. To do this, simply spray the furniture or Wallpaper: cats do not like strong smells and, most likely, will not sacrifice their comfort, preferring a “smelly” item scratching post. Alternatively, spray and perfume you can use regular orange or lemon peel, as the smell of citrus cats does not like.

However, as practice shows, not all the smell deters cats, and many Pets continue to enjoy scratching at a favorite joint, even if you poured on him the whole bottle of your favorite spirits. In this case, try closing the cat access to “dangerous territory” and parallel to accustom her to the scratching post. If it is enough just not to let the cat into the room – the problem has been solved, and if this is not possible, make parts, which scratches the cat, boxes or other items, curtain gauze, bubble wrap, foil, etc. do Not worry, this is a temporary measure. The main thing is to protect from a cat “crime scene” and to accustom her to the scratching post – assessing new benefits, your pet is unlikely to remember that just a few days ago sharpened his claws on the uncomfortable chair.

If the taken measures still do not help, and the cat still ignores the scratching post, think, perhaps, it is installed in an awkward place and maybe your pet does not like the material. Various scratching posts can have different surface, try to offer your pet a different model or upholster your existing scratching post “favorite” your cat material: carpet, fabric, Wallpaper, etc.

Don’t forget carrots and sticks, its efficiency can not argue! Arrange pet reprimand, if he was guilty, and compliment for using scratching posts for the purpose.

Good luck to you, and let the process of education a pet can be interesting and enjoyable for both owner and pet!

Когтеточки для кошек: чтобы мебель и обои не пострадали

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