Month: May 2020

Cats care

Sterilization of a kitten

Contents: What is sterilization? Spaying and neutering are one and the same? Neutering cats: the pros and cons What is sterilization? What is the difference between sterilization and castration, or is it the same thing? Why sterilize a cat, what are the pros and cons of this operation? About it in our article. What is […]

Cat health

Urolithiasis in cats

Contents: Urolithiasis in cats and cats: what is it? The signs of kidney stones in cats The causes of kidney stones in cats Prevention of urolithiasis in cats Urolithiasis is a common illness, which is faced daily by millions of domestic cats around the world. Unfortunately, when the content in the home environment triggers the […]

Feeding cats

Can food be different from batch to batch?

Contents: How they work artificial additives? Why granules organic feed different? Does natural feed preservatives? On specialized forums often discuss the question of whether dry food for cats and dogs differ from batch to batch? Imagine the situation: you bought a new pack feed the same range and from the same manufacturer as before, but […]

Feeding cats

Cat refuses to eat: what to do?

Fasting days can like you but not your cat. If the pet refuses food, he has serious reasons for doing so. What to do in this situation? 1. Check the health. Cause of feed refusal can be disease. Many ailments do not manifest themselves practically in the early stages, and you can nothing about them […]

Feeding kittens

something to pamper a kitten?

What could be nicer than to please their loved ones? How can you not smile seeing how happy fluffy kitty takes a treat from your hands, and then, satisfied, licks lips? But remember that treats should not only be tasty but also healthy. Especially if we are talking about growing the body of a baby, […]

Kitten care

When do kittens cut teeth?

Contents: First teeth The teeth and change of diet Cats, like humans, early in life get baby teeth and then change them to permanent. We’ll talk about how many milk teeth in the kitten, when and in what sequence they grow up. And at what age it starts with a change of milk teeth in […]

Cat breeds

Havana cat

Contents: Appearance Character Health Life expectancy Maintenance and care History Havana brown – green-eyed aristocrat with brown or purple hair, Havana and seems on the background of beautiful Palace interiors. Graceful, elegant and has excellent manners by nature, this cat is a real decoration and pride of his family. Appearance Havana, or, as it is […]

Cat breeds

Persian cat

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Interesting facts Persian cats are known and loved worldwide. It is the most famous cat breed, which is characterized by not only original appearance but also a wonderful, loving temperament. An impressive palette of color furry Pets includes more than 200 colors and shades. This striking and good-natured Pets […]

Feeding cats

Bromelain in their feed

Contents: What is bromelain? The beneficial properties of bromelain Bromelain in the composition of feed for cats Choosing food for a pet cat, it is very important to carefully study its composition. We know that the number 1 ingredient in a good feed is always meat. But what about other components? Especially if their names […]

Cat health

diseases of cats cystitis

Contents: What is cystitis? Cystitis in cats: causes Can cats be cystitis? – Can. And, unfortunately, quite often. Detail about the disease and its causes we’ll talk in our article. Pets often suffer from the same ailments that we do. Cystitis is no exception. Once you have had cystitis and not to cure it – […]

Cat breeds


Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Interesting fact The ancestor of the snowshoe is a Siamese, with which the rock has a lot in common. First and foremost, very similar in their color and some habits, however, the snowshoe – a pet with a soft, steady and gentle nature than his wayward ancestor. The hallmark […]