How to teach your kitten to the tray

  • Your actions when you teach the cat to go to the toilet
  • The filler is necessary to accustom the cat to tray
  • Missed… What to do?

I hasten to please you: as a rule, to accustom your kitten to the tray, nothing is difficult. Cats by nature neat and tidy animals, so they themselves, without constantly reminding, prefer the easy clean toilet other nooks. However, the goal of each host is to acquaint pet with the tray and explain what was happening, to appreciate the benefits. And, of course, necessary to maintain the toilet clean, because if the cat will feel a strong odor and will stain the paws, next time for their needs, she would choose a cleaner place.

Your actions when you teach the cat to go to the toilet

So, in the house there was a kitten. First, he will survey the area and get acquainted with everything that comes his way. Of course, the room should be already installed tray, as your work on housebreaking starts literally from the first minutes of stay. At first you have to carefully monitor the pet. As soon as you notice that the kid is going to pee (he can start to dig the hole to find a secure place, etc.), you need to relate it to the tray.

When you accustom your kitten to the tray, toilet should be installed in a confined space where you will be able to close pet. It should be required to exclude access under the bath, the sink and in other secluded places. A convenient tray, by contrast, should be visible and freely available.

Great if you have the opportunity to use a filler from my mom a kitten or if the pet has already managed to “misbehave” in the wrong place, can be placed in a tray filler, toilet paper or a cloth soaked in “deed”. If this is not possible, you might want a special tool for training cats to go to the toilet.

At this stage our goal is to convey to the pet information on the tray is available in a language, i.e. the language of smell. As soon as the baby will feel it, he will understand why there is a pan and what to do.

As soon as kitty came in the house and had a little look around, close it in a room with a toilet for 15-20 minutes, always with the lights on. Let him get acquainted with the tray and smell, after which the door can be opened, giving access to another part of the apartment.

If you have a large apartment, do not open all the room at once. The larger the area for walks, the farther away from the kitty toilet, and being in the back room, he could “not run”. For the first time, when you accustom the cat to go in the tray, the habitat of a pet should be limited, while the door of the room in which it is installed must always be open.

Of course, the tray can be installed in the hallway and in the room, but in this case, the selected location should be convenient and comfortable for the kitten. Pay attention to the shape of the toilet, it must be suitable for your pet. There are cases when the child provides the use of a tray with high sides, and it is difficult to climb.

The filler is necessary to accustom the cat to tray

Another important point – filler. They are different, and each pet can have their own preferences. Be careful when choosing.

For kittens it is undesirable to use a clumping fillers, so as a curious kid can try lump on the palate, which is dangerous for his health and life.

For starters, you can use wood filler and watch the reaction of the pet. If over time you realize that the kitten does not approve it, try to replace the other. Cases when the cat does not like the particular filler and for this reason it ignores the tray, not uncommon, but the problem usually can be easily removed when you replace the other. But you have yet to learn about the preferences of the pet, and if you treat them with care and attention, then all the misunderstanding will be resolved quickly

Missed… What to do?

What to do if the kitten still “pranked” in the wrong place? First, thoroughly remove dirt and treat the spot with liquid for washing of ware or a special tool for eliminating cat odors. Secondly, soak a bit of tissue or toilet paper the deed and put it in a tray, then take the pet to the room with the tray and close it there for about 10 minutes.

The place of the “infraction” it is desirable to isolate the kitten, so he’s not tempted again to get back to. There is a little trick that always works: the cat will never shit where it eats. Therefore, if the pet persistently chooses for their needs in a specific location, you can put a bowl of food. However, the best solution is to install the tray, if it does not bring inconvenience.

Treating the wrong areas special means to scare away cats, don’t overdo it. We handle many places at once, otherwise, the abundance of repellent smells will cause the animal not to leave the room and more in her not to go.

If the pet refuses to use the tray, it means that something is wrong with him. He probably installed in the wrong place, its shape is not like a cat, not suitable filler or toilet is not kept clean. Maybe you said something to hurt the kitten, and he thus shows dissatisfaction? In any case, you have to understand the cause and correct the situation. In this way the attention, care and friendliness will be your assistants, while dissatisfaction and punishment can only exacerbate the situation.

That’s all the main points which should be considered by every owner who does not know how to teach a kitten or cat to the tray. Don’t forget that friendly and consistent education works wonders, but the key to success is mutual understanding and trust between the owner and his pet.

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