How to wean cat fight Wallpaper and furniture?

Как отучить кошку драть обои и мебель?

What if the cat tears up the Wallpaper and furniture? This question is asked by many owners of the caudate, bringing such peculiarity into some bad habits. However, sharpening claws is a natural need, due to the need to include legs in excellent condition. Educational work should aim to show your pet how to do it.

Ten tips on how to wean a cat to tear up the furniture and Wallpaper

    • Purchase a scratching post and set it at your favorite place. Most often, cats begin to sharpen its claws after sleep, so it’s best to have a scratching post near the places of recreation.
    • Choosing a scratching post, it should be understood that different cats like different models. Some people like bars, others flat, etc. in addition, their surface is made of different materials, and have your pet on this occasion may have their own preferences.
    • Try to isolate from a cat those sections of the Wallpaper and furniture, of which she sharpens the claws. Place “infraction” something to make or to cover with fabric — use your imagination. Don’t worry, this is a temporary measure until the pet will become accustomed to scratching posts.
    • Purchase toys. Pet can be overly zealous in the grinding of claws due to simple boredom, but these items can diversify his leisure. Fascinating games help to divert attention from a favorite corner of the sofa.
Как отучить кошку драть обои и мебель?
  • Use the special sprays sold in pet stores. They can sprinkle undesirable to the point of the mouth of the place – the odor will scare the pet. Don’t go overboard, treating the furniture and walls, I spray the whole apartment. Otherwise the abundance of the unpleasant smell will be a big stress for cats, because it’s her house too.
  • Attract the attention of your pet to scratching posts. Apply Catnip, her scent will attract the pet. If he stubbornly refuses to use it, preferring the Wallpaper or the furniture, go to the trick, wrapped scratching post with a piece of Wallpaper or carpet.
  • Do some parenting. As soon as you saw that the cat starts to sharpen its claws in the wrong place, loudly tell her “No!”, and take to scratching posts. Alternatively, you can use the spray. Finding pet on “the scene”, just prysznice a small amount of water — he did not like.
  • Get your kogterezki. As the extension of the claws, slightly shorten them. Be careful and cut only the white tip of the claw, in any case not touching the blood vessels.
  • Do not forget to praise the cat. During the period of training be sure to reward her for her success. Of course, the best reward is a delicacy. After your pet will take the kittens, praise and treat. Use special quality products – they are not only delicious, but also useful. Don’t forget that food from the table harm the health of Pets.
  • Be patient. In any case don’t punish a cat is unfair and does not apply to her brute force. Only by patient, systematic approach and respect will achieve the best results!
Как отучить кошку драть обои и мебель?

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