What to feed the cat sterilized?

  • How to feed the cat sterilized?
  • What characteristics must-have food for cats sterilized?
  • The better to feed the cat sterilized?

Pet sterilization is a humane and even necessary measure in case you do not plan to breed professionally breed. However, it should be understood that this procedure changes the hormonal balance of the animal and affects the organism as a whole. For example, sterilized cats are at risk for weight gain and, as a consequence, the development of the ICD. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must carefully study the diet and strictly adhere to it.

How to feed the cat sterilized?

Sterilized Pets need to be a strictly balanced diet that supports good health. If you think then is better to feed the cat sterilized, it is best to choose a super pipeline ready to feed because to achieve the perfect balance of useful components at home is impossible. If you are still a supporter of natural feeding, be sure to discuss diet with a veterinarian. He will tell you what products will be useful and will recommend additional vitamin and mineral complex.

As for prepared feeds, preference should be given to the lines of premium and super-premium. The main advantage of these diets is a perfectly balanced formula, developed to meet the daily needs of your pet and its body characteristics. Finished feed for neutered cats (e.g., Monge Sterilised Cat) not only saturate the body with essential for the proper development of vitamins, macro – and microelements but also effectively prevent weight gain.

Чем кормить стерилизованную кошку?

What characteristics must-have food for cats sterilized?

  • The number 1 ingredient meat.

We must start with the basics. Cats, no matter how pampered and tame they may be, still remain predators, the basis of the diet meat. Thus, it will always be the main ingredient in high-quality balanced feed for cats.

  • Reduced-calorie.

Reduced-calorie in the feed ensure the prevention of obesity.

  • Moderate fat content.

When you are choosing what food to feed the cat sterilized, then pay attention to diets with moderate fat content. They not only promote weight loss in a specific period of time but also hamper the recruitment of overweight in the future.

  • The enrichment of fiber.

Enrichment of a diet high in fiber improves metabolism in the body and allows the weight of the animal.

  • The enrichment in fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

Fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 – effective aides in the absorption of nutrients. They support proper digestion, maintain the natural balance of the intestinal microflora, strengthen the immune system, and improve the condition of skin and coat.

  • The content of antioxidants.

The feed for neutered cats must include antioxidants (vitamin E), strengthen immunity and support the body tone.

  • The Contents X. O. S.

Ksilo-oligosaccharides support the proper functioning of the digestive system and effectively strengthen the immune system.

  • Palatability and safety.

The better to feed the cat sterilized?

Of course, food should be not only useful but also delicious. In order not to disappoint your pet, buy rations, made from fresh meat, without the use of artificial preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers.

Do not be lazy to study carefully the composition of the feed before purchasing, it really requires a serious approach. Based on our recommendations, you will make the right choice in the matter, the better to feed the cat sterilized. And your pet, without a doubt, it will be appreciated!

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