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  • What is cystitis?
  • Cystitis in cats: causes

Can cats be cystitis? – Can. And, unfortunately, quite often. Detail about the disease and its causes we’ll talk in our article.

Pets often suffer from the same ailments that we do. Cystitis is no exception. Once you have had cystitis and not to cure it – as it will be returned for any reason. The fight against it may take a long time, but all efforts will be useless for any violation of the regulations.

What is cystitis?

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder. The disease can be independent or secondary, i.e., accompany another disease, such as infection. There are acute and chronic form of cystitis. Symptoms of acute visible immediately, but the chronic form can occur blurred, for a long time, not posing.

Acute cystitis gives the cat great discomfort. Pet is in pain, he can’t go to the toilet, worried, sometimes screaming. His health is rapidly deteriorating. The sooner the cat will be delivered to the veterinarian – the more successful the treatment will be.

Cystitis is a common disease of cats. It can develop at any age, regardless of breed, and overall health of the pet. What reasons can trigger it?

Болезни кошек: цистит

Cystitis in cats: causes

  • Hypothermia.

The most common cause of cystitis. Strong drafts and temperature changes, combined with a weakened immune system can easily provoke cystitis. You have to keep the cat from falling on the drafts and slept on the cold floor. If the apartment is cold, hairless cats need warm clothes.

  • Violation of metabolism.

Poor quality of water and food, inadequate fluid intake, unbalanced diet, overfeeding or, on the contrary, the lack of food – all of it disrupts metabolism and leads to cystitis

  • Other diseases.

Cystitis can result from infection or chronic disease. Viruses and bacteria are carried by the blood throughout the body. As a result, some of the disease how would I jump from one body to another.

  • Decrease in immunity.

This item includes everything that affects the immune system. This prolonged treatment with antibiotics, and stress and infestation, and more. A weakened immune system makes the body vulnerable, and cystitis, as one of the most common diseases will not be slow to take advantage.

And this is only the main causes of cystitis, in practice they are much more. To prevent the disease, properly caring for a pet and monitor his health.

  • Injuries to the abdomen and back.

Abdominal trauma may cause local hemorrhage that could result in inflammation on the bladder wall. When back injuries is a high probability of pinching of the nerve. This will disrupt the process of urination and will also cause the inflammatory response.

And this is only the main reasons for the development of the disease. In practice, there are many more. To protect the health of your pet, stick to proper conditions of detention and monitor the state of his health.

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