How to pick up a treat for sterilized cats?

Как подобрать лакомство для стерилизованных кошек?

To treat cat treat is always nice. For us it is another way to show their love and concern, a little bit to pamper a loved four-legged friend, and also to add variety to the usual diet. But with the treats in any case not to overdo it. They must be suitable for the needs of your pet and in any case not to exceed 10% of the daily diet. Especially if we are talking about neutered cats prone to weight gain. Better for them to pick up special Goodies. But what to look for when choosing?

Special treats for cats are more popular than refreshments in the form of natural products. And what a lot of causes: ranging from time-consuming to prepare, to fast spoilage, bad taste attractiveness and trivial inconvenience. Homemade Goodies get your hands dirty and stored for long. It should also be noted that not all specialties are suitable for your cat. If the pet is filled with saliva, feeling the delectable smell of smoked fish, your favorite sausage, etc., do not think that these products are suitable for the role of treats. Delicacies from the human table is strictly not suitable for our Pets, because they are seasoned, cured, cooked in butter, etc., etc., and digestive system of animals is not designed for such foods. Inappropriate food in the diet of cats leads to problems with digestion, imbalance in body’s nutrients and, of course, to excess weight, with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to buy ready-made treats, whose composition is balanced to the individual needs of the pet.

Treats, designed for sterilized cats tend to be low calorie. Directed mainly at the prevention of weight gain, they can also have additional purposes. For example, the health of the urinary system (such as treats for sterilized cats “Treats”).

Как подобрать лакомство для стерилизованных кошек?

Choose treats with the natural composition, without GMO. Remember that the basic ingredient of high-quality treats (and food) for cats is meat. The inclusion of antioxidants would be a nice advantage as antioxidants effectively support the immune system and heals the body.

As noted above, it is very important not only to choose good treats, but do not overdo it with them. The normal amount of treats per day is up to 10% of the total daily diet of the pet. It is not necessary to give the cat treats more often, it’s not helpful, and will provoke an imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body. So in all important measure!

Do not forget to delight their tails: they sure will appreciate it.


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