Care of a kitten Sphynx

The sphinxes are special kittens with alien appearance. Nobody remains indifferent to them! Some people besserley initially scare, but it is necessary to take velvet warm lump in his hands – he will charm you to the core!

Sphinxes very similar to other cats, and care for them are also special, more careful. So if “naked” kitten you had fuzzies, feel free to open a new Chapter. So, what is special care for the kittens, Sphynx?

1. Live in Africa!

The main feature of the Sphynx – the absence of hair. This feature puts an imprint on all of the care. The first thing you need to know about the sphinxes – they are always freezing! The temperature in the room where lives the Sphinx, should not fall below +25°C. Therefore, if you – the harsh Northern warrior, it is better to have a Norwegian forest. But for lovers of heat Sphinx – the most it!

2. Get warm, not burning.

The main locations of sphinxes are always close to heaters. These cats love to bask and will never miss the opportunity to get close with battery or directly on it. And since the skin is thin and very sensitive, burns is a common problem. A responsible host should avoid such situations. Always monitor the temperature of radiators and heating. Attach to the surface of the hand. Hot? So, the cat will be hotter. Holding your hand on the heater, you should feel a pleasant warmth, not the discomfort. If the surface feels hot to the touch, insulate it from cats. Special pads to help!

3. Only sunbathe under an umbrella!

Despite the love for heat, the Sphinx is contraindicated to be under direct sunlight. The fact in their sensitive bare skin. Resting on a hot summer day on the windowsill or outdoors, the kitten can get a serious burn or heat stroke.

4. Love knitted.

Even if the house is always +25°C, the Sphinx will not abandon a warm sweater or Onesie. Of course, all clothing needs to be special, designed especially for cats, and a perfect fit.

Уход за котенком сфинксом

5. Regularly cleaning the skin.

Cats on the body with many sebaceous glands. They establish the secret to moisturizing hair. But the Sphinx has no hair, and therefore, the secret is simply accumulated on the skin. As a result, the skin does not breathe, clogged pores appear flaking, itching and other problems. To avoid this, the body of a kitten need to regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth or tissue. Better if it is soaked in plain water. Special attention should be paid to skin folds. Between them accumulate more secretions and crusts are formed. In no event, it is impossible to peel and scrape away. Just apply on skin moisturizer (e.g., cream) and after a few minutes, wipe the area with a damp cloth. This will help remove crusts.

6. Monitor the state of the pores.

Acne trouble not only people but also animals. Head of a Sphinx, you are likely to make it.

From hairless cats often appear black spots and acne, again, because of the accumulation of secretions. They do not cause the animals harm, but spoil the appearance. If the rash is much better to consult a specialist.

To remove isolated black dots you can do right at home. To do this, gently squeeze it and wipe the skin with antiseptic.

Уход за котенком сфинксом

7. Pharaoh’s bath!

What do we do when get dirty? Right, run into the shower! Sphinx – how quickly the dirty cats also need bathing.

Assertion needs to be bathed more often than normal cats. Focus on the degree of contamination. Regular bathing not only will not harm them but, on the contrary, will be useful. For example, to avoid acne. Don’t worry: sphinxes, generally, like treatments!

The optimum water temperature during bath time: +38°C. For washing, use products designed especially for the sphinxes, or at least a line for cats with sensitive skin.

Before swimming put on the bottom of the bath or basin towel or Mat so cat paws don’t slip. Make sure that the water does not leak into the ears and muzzle of a cat. After bathing thoroughly, but gently wipe the pet with a soft towel.

8. We clean the ears and often!

Why do cats hair in your ears? To prevent contaminants from entering the ear canal. Sphynx fur in the ears is not, and because they also need extra care. Regularly inspect the ears of your pet and the extent of contamination wipe them. To do this, simply use a clean cloth and a special lotion for cleaning. Simply remove the dirt from the sink. But cotton buds – not the best idea. In them there is no need. In addition, you can accidentally damage your ear.

9. Look at the world through fresh eyes!

The sphinxes ‘ eyes are very large, expressive and beautiful. They have only one drawback – the lack of cilia and thus protect it from dust and dirt. Therefore, the eyes of the Sphinx is necessary to wipe often. To do this, use the special lotion and clean towels (one clean cloth for each eye, so as not to carry germs). Always wipe eyes from the outer corner to the inner.

A slight discharge from the eyes is the norm. But intense selection, including brown color, is a good reason to apply to veterinary technician.

Уход за котенком сфинксом

10. Eat properly and often.

The key to health is proper nutrition. Diet sphinxes in General not different from the diet of other cats. Only the sphinxes eat more and more often because their body uses more energy to keep warm.

Buying a kitten, do not forget that the first time it needs to be fed exactly the same food which he was fed by the breeder. Even if the diet seems wrong to you, follow him at least a few days. Otherwise, after moving the kitten will be guaranteed the strongest stress. As soon as the baby adapts a little, start gradually transfer it to a different diet (if necessary). Feeding issues it is recommended to discuss with a veterinarian.

We have listed the basic nuances of caring for a Sphynx. Perhaps in practice, you will face and other features. Share them with us on social media!

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