something to pamper a kitten?

Чем побаловать котенка?

What could be nicer than to please their loved ones? How can you not smile seeing how happy fluffy kitty takes a treat from your hands, and then, satisfied, licks lips? But remember that treats should not only be tasty but also healthy. Especially if we are talking about growing the body of a baby, which is so necessary vitamins and completely useless digestive disorders. So what treats can you give a kitten?

The answer to this question largely depends on the chosen type of feeding. Every responsible owner knows that to combine natural products and dry food in one’s diet is not recommended. This means that if you feed a kitten ready meals, and treats better to buy a special, balanced, and not use products from the store. In General, the question of feeding is quite difficult, and beginners can be difficult to understand it.

Kittens grow very quickly, and for the harmonious development of their body’s daily needs in a balanced feeding. To achieve the right balance on their own at home is almost impossible, which is why high-quality ready-made diets and treats, is specially designed for kittens are the most convenient and reliable solution. Choosing a suitable balanced line of food and treats you can be sure that your kitten daily gets so many nutrients as he needs. No additional vitamin and mineral supplements in this case, it is not required.

As we have noted above, treats for kittens should not only have high taste appeal, but to be useful and safe. This means that in the good delicacies you will not find GMO and the product itself will meet international safety standards BRC and IFS. In addition, the main ingredient food for a predator (albeit very small) should always be meat – these are the natural needs of cats. Quality treats (e.g., “Treats”) can contain up to 93% choice of fresh meat, which, of course, very much home predators.

Чем побаловать котенка?

When choosing treats, be sure to pay attention to the enrichment with vitamins, minerals, calcium and taurine, it’s one of the main “builders” of the growing organism. It depends on them health of bones and joints, as well as the health and beauty of skin and hair of your baby.

Depending on personal preferences or preferences of your pet, you can choose delicious snacks (for example, snacks for the kitties “Treats”) or treats-sticks (e.g., tasty sticks for cats “Treats”). They definitely appeal to your pet, because in addition to the mouthwatering aroma and unforgettable taste of the kitten will be very easy to eat them, because the size of these treats is ideal for little teeth.

So we have decided, than you can treat the kitten. Although unlikely treats treats can be called indulgence. Even if you use treats not for educational purposes, and give them a kitten just like that – you give him real happiness, form pleasant associations in relation to you, build trust and companionship between master and pet.

And this, of course, very valuable.

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