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Charming cats – Cornish Rex – with curly hair and cheerful demeanor! Most friendly Pets can easily find a common language with others and never cease to amaze with his energy. Wavy coat, which is a hallmark of the breed, evenly sweeps over the body and attaches to the pet’s original look.


Cornish Rex cats – an effective cat of medium size, the hallmark of which is a short wavy coat. The weight of the specimens varies from 2.5 to 4.5 kg.

Cornish Rex elongated body type, the back slightly convex, skeleton thin. The head is elongated, the shape is close to a wedge. Eyes medium or large, oval and slightly slanted. Color match the main color, but are always very vivid and clear. The ears are large, conical, with rounded tips. The tail is long, thin, covered with wavy hair.

The coat is the main feature of the breed. Six Cornish Rex’s short, but wavy. Wave is uniformly distributed throughout the body and, ideally, also exactly hovering on the limbs and tail. Smooth, soft fur feels like silk or satin. Any colour permitted.


The Cornish Rex is a born “an incendiary device” and the soul of the company. This pet is always active, energetic, he’s a very lively and fun game with the owner is his favorite pastime!

Think Corniche is never a bad mood, and to find a common language with anyone for it is simple. As a rule, Corniche easy to get along with other Pets, unless, of course, and they, in turn, perceive a friendly neighbor.

It is also a sensitive, affectionate and gentle pet that is lost if the owner is absent for a long time and difficult to tolerate loneliness. Cornish is incredibly important to feel the care and attention of the owner.

Cornish Rex cats love the warmth and comfort, so the apartment feels just fine. It is the perfect Pets for people who like curious cats with a lively temperament.


The breed is characterized by excellent health. However, it is worth noting that, despite the slim body and energy, Cornish Rex cats are prone to obesity, so the correct diet must be strictly adhered to.

Corniche is long-term and in the conditions of the ideal content often live up to 20 years.


To take care of the Cornish Rex are very simple. These cats practically do not shed, and their hair enough to comb only once a week. As necessary to clean the ears and eyes, claws shorten. Do not forget about a balanced diet and routine vaccinations.


The first enchanting curly kitten was born in 1950 in Cornwall. His hair resembled the fur of the Rex rabbit. From this similarity and the name of the area and formed the future the name of the breed: Cornish Rex.

The first Cornish was born from non-pedigreed cats, and its original appearance as a consequence of a recessive mutation. Later breeders have secured this property, utilizing in breeding Siamese, Burmese and British Shorthair.

In 1967 the breed was officially recognized. Today the Cornish Rex has considered one of the most spectacular and beautiful cats that is incredibly popular in Europe and the United States.


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