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Kitten care

How to choose a healthy kitten?

So you’ve decided to have a pet. Not just a pet, a faithful friend and a true member of the family, which will give you many happy years. How to choose a healthy kitten? For many, the key feature is the breed, for others, gender and color, and someone chooses the dictates of the heart. […]

Cat health

Food Allergy and food intolerance in cats

Contents: How do food Allergy and food intolerance in cats? Causes of food allergy and food intolerance Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention Allergy, the famous “disease of the 21st century”, is found not only in humans but also in Pets. For example, itching and skin irritation in cats can be symptoms of food allergies or food […]

Kitten care

Molting in kittens

At what age do kittens start shedding? Should they be brushed? Is molting so serious a problem as everyone’s talking about it? This and many other questions in our article. Little kittens do not shed almost, because instead of fur they have baby soft fluff. However, caring for the coat of a kitten, and in […]

Cat breeds

Scottish fold

Scottish fold cats have an original appearance and perfect character. This is a good, loving, affectionate, and loyal Pets, which, moreover, love to stand on their hind legs, like meerkats, and sleep on the back. The Scottish fold is easy to care for and get along well with other Pets. Appearance Scottish fold (Scottish fold) […]

Cats parenting

To the cat and the dog lived soul to soul

Since childhood, we used to think that cats and dogs by nature are the real enemies. However, this opinion is ruthlessly collapsed at the sight of the peacefully co-exist under one roof Pets. Not just getting along, and no interference in each other’s souls and selflessly caring about each other. However, sometimes your instincts (and […]

Cat health

Diabetes mellitus in cats

Contents: What is diabetes and how it happens? Diabetes mellitus in cats: causes Diabetes in cats: treatment What to feed a cat with diabetes? Whether there is diabetes in cats? – Yes, and unfortunately, quite often. About the causes, symptoms and treatment of this disease, we’ll talk in our article. What is diabetes and how […]

Cat health

Skin disorders in cats

What organ in cats is the biggest? Of course, leather. It protects the body from wounds from hypothermia, overheating, dehydration, infiltration of pathogenic organisms and other harmful environmental factors. With such a load it is not surprising that skin diseases occur so often. In our article we will talk about the most common dermatological disease […]

Feeding cats

What is wet cat food better?

Wet food is the ideal choice for a pet. As a rule, they are very tasty, easy to digest, as best suited to the diet of cats in the wild contribute to maintaining the water balance in the body and reduce the risk of developing ICD. The more we talked about this in the article: […]

Cats care

Can we get a dog or cat if you have allergies?

Contents: Is it possible to have a pet with allergies? Can allergies go to me? Are there hypoallergenic cats and dogs? What to do if I have allergies and have a pet you really want? Are there hypoallergenic breeds? Is there any chance that the allergies go away by itself? Will dot the “I” in […]

Cat breeds

American Wirehair

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History American Wirehaired would be twins American Shorthair, if not for the special texture of the fur. The coat of these cats, despite the short hair, beautiful Volnitsa and pouchitsa, and its color can be quite varied. Unlike their active relatives – American Shorthair – haired cats have a relaxed […]