Month: March 2020

Games for cats

cat Toys with Catnip

Contents: The effect of Catnip on a cat Do all cats love Catnip? Toys with Catnip Cat toys with Catnip are in great demand. Pets love them very much and enjoys playing with them, apart from nasty exploits like damage to Wallpaper and furniture. But what is the impact of Catnip on the body, whether […]

Games for cats

Toy cat

Everyone knows how important games in the life of a dog, but cats love to play, no less! Just their games are of a more capricious nature, and if the dog is ready to play always, the cat will only play if she has the mood! However, the task of responsible owners is to provide […]

Cats transportation

Transporting cats in a car

Personal car is the most convenient way of transporting a cat from point A to point B. first, you will significantly save on money, secondly, your pet will always be supervised (from the Luggage compartment of the plane). However, the carriage of cats in the car also provides a number of rules which must know […]

Cats care

do we Need to cut the cats?

Cats are hard to tolerate heat and easily overheat. To help their Pets, owners often cut them before the onset of summer. But how justified is this move? The cats more comfortable after the haircut? Talk about this in our article. Grooming cats is a popular service, offered by grooming salons, and private grooming of […]

Cat breeds

Lynx home

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History In the ‘ 80s, the American breeders set a goal to bring Pets with the appearance of the lynx and the approximate nature of the domestic cat. So there was a breed of lynx home, perfectly corresponding to the original request. Today the lynx is a very rare Pets, […]

Cats care

caring for a cat

Contents: Grooming Bathing cats Care claws Whether hanging out with cats? Cat toilet What if the cat marks the territory? As you know, cats walk by themselves, and really, it is independent and self-sufficient animals who don’t take much time and is fairly simple. Cats themselves perfectly monitor the condition of their fur and their […]

Feeding kittens

What food to choose for a kitten?

The choice of food for a kitten is a matter more important than the formation of the diet of adult cats. What food will you choose for your meowing baby, depend on his future health, his intellectual development, and even its appearance. Kittens are receiving a balanced diet, grow strong, smart, active and very beautiful. […]

Cat breeds

Javanese cat (avant)

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Graceful, graceful cat of Oriental type with a soft semi-long coat, painted in soft colors, and bright eyes. Proud hunters, who tend to really the dog’s affection to the owner. Sociable and good-natured friends. Appearance Javanese cat (Avant) is a pet of medium size (slightly bigger than the Siamese), […]

Cats care

How to walk a cat?

In a previous article, we discussed whether to walk a pet cat. If you approve of walking, be sure to read the rules of the range. They help protect the pet from the trouble! Observe the pattern of vaccination. Take out only promptly vaccinated pets, otherwise, it will be defenseless against the most serious infections. […]

Cats parenting

Cats vs Christmas trees!

New year without a Christmas tree – is it possible? Many cat owners would say Yes. They saw the carefully decorated Christmas tree was grajales on the floor under the onslaught of the furry pirate, like broken toys and like needles echoed throughout the apartment. But this is not the most terrible trouble. Cat, besieging […]

Cats care

Bezoar in cats

  Contents: Bezoars: what it is and why formed? Bezoars in cats: symptoms How to deal with does? What are bezoars? Why they are formed and what is their danger? How to protect the health of your pet? About it in our article. Bezoars: what it is and why formed? A bezoar is a hairball […]

Cats parenting

Training of cats in the home

If dog training is not just a good tone, but a necessity, then in the case of cats, the issue of training is often confusing. Every dog ​​should know at least the basic commands, such as “Foo!”, “Next!”, “I!”, So as not to create inconvenience to others during the walk, not to pick up food […]