Manx cat (the Manx)

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Manx cat – a pretty, good-natured Pets, the main feature of which is the absence of a tail. But, of course, the breed is appreciated not only for an outlandish appearance but also for the remarkable character: minxy inquisitive, active and obedient and very affectionate. In addition, they adore children and are always the life and soul of the company.


The Manx cat is difficult to confuse with any other breed. Outwardly they are quite similar to decorative rabbits, and the main feature of the breed is the absence of a tail. Weight pretty Pets varies from 3.5 to 5.5 lbs. It is a cat of medium size, compact, short format, the shape of the body smooth and rounded.

Head Manx cats wide and round, mustache, large, eyes large, round, slightly slanted, their color blends with the main color, ears medium size, set well apart, rounded at the tips. The tail is the main external feature of the breed, there are four varieties of the tail:

  • the tail is completely missing.
  • 1-3 includes a vertebra of the coccyx, covered with hair;
  • short-tail caudal vertebrae 1-3;
  • normal or curved hook tail.

Wool Pets short, double and very thick, with a developed undercoat. Color can be various, all valid designs and colors.

Мэнская кошка (мэнкс)


Manx cats are the owners is not only special appearance but also the perfect character. Curiosity, activity and lively these Pets are harmoniously combined with a balanced temperament, obedience, and devotion.

Manx cats are very attached to their owner and love children. Them it is safe to open even if the house is already live other Pets (non-aggressive), and believe me, they will easily find a common language with all others.

Despite a strong love for his family, these Pets are never tired of excessive affection, not imposed. But, of course, if the owner wants to communicate with the pet, he will always be happy. Manx cats love to be the center of attention, appreciate the concern and manifestations of heat, they are very affectionate, sincere and open.

But loving Pets does not alien to the hunting instinct: minxy love to play and a delight to explore the area, to relocate and travel, these cats are very adaptable.

Мэнская кошка (мэнкс)


Overall, the breed is characterized by good health, however, mancow has a tendency to diseases of the skeleton (Manx syndrome) and pyoderma rear part of the body. Adult cats rarely get sick.

A complex process is the breeding of Manx cats, so kittens it is recommended purchase only from professional breeders.

The average life expectancy of Pets is 15 years.


Manx cats are quite low maintenance and care. Simply follow the correct diet, brush the fur once a week to conduct a home inspection in a timely manner to visit a vet to carry out vaccination and treatment against parasites. All actions are standard, the specific grooming requires.


Have a tailless breed’s long history, perhaps it roots in the far East. A few centuries ago wild cats were seen in Japan, China, Malaysia, and Russia. However, in Europe, they were brought from the Isle of Man located in the Irish sea, in whose honor and was named breed.

The lack of cats tail is the result of genetic mutation, and it is manifested in two ways: not only are born tailless but long-tailed Manx cat.

In England, the first fan club of the breed was founded in 1901. Now this breed is incredibly popular worldwide, but the highest incidence is in England and the United States.

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