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The Maine Coon is a friendly giant with tassels on the ears, loving, smart and neat pet, which easily finds a common language with people and with other Pets, and carefully stores the order and coziness in the house in which he lives. It seems, since childhood, he is endowed with good manners and has all the talents to master has always been proud of its exemplary pet.


The Maine Coon is a true giant in the world of the cat with interesting color and fluffy tassels on the ears, which are the hallmark of the breed. The weight of these Pets and more than 6-8 kg.

The Maine Coon strong bones, developed muscles, the harmonious and proportional body type, the neat head is wedge-shaped, expressive face. The eyes are large, oval, appear round when fully open, any color. The ears are large, moderately pointed, with tufts like a lynx, and rarely without brushes. The tail is long, tapering to the tip, very fluffy.

The coat of the Maine Coon’s thick, silky, longer at the back and sides with a soft undercoat, is adapted to various weather conditions. Color can be varied, tabby, tortoiseshell, silver, smoky, multicolor, etc., with the exception of chocolate, lilac, and colorpoint, light, and dark brown.

Overall, Maine coons are very large cats with thick fur and beautiful color, strong, sturdy, and very elegant.


The Maine Coon is the kindest giant, perfect family pet, very gentle, calm and affectionate. It seems these cats from birth, possess good manners, they rarely deliver owners unpleasant chores, prefer a scratching post Wallpaper and furniture, not jump on the cluttered tables and shelves, carefully avoiding obstacles on the way to his goal not to drop any items and not to make a commotion. In addition, they are incredibly neat and clean.

These big cats are strong, they are born leaders, but the leaders of the only peaceful because aggression Maine coons are not typical. Strangers amazing cats may be wary, but with family, they are very affectionate, trusting and open. Often Maine coons become best friends dogs and to find a common language with other cats for them and it is not difficult.

Maine coons love to move, communicate, and play like a child rejoice in the attention of the host and love spending time with him. The perfect place to keep meowing giant – this is a private house with a private garden where Pets can walk and run for a few minutes feeling his freestyle ancestor.


The breed was formed in the conditions of natural selection and is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Maine coons are almost devoid of genetic defects and susceptibility to serious diseases.

The life expectancy of these Pets is on average 15 years.


Maine coons are famous not only for its interesting appearance and perfect personality of a domestic cat but the simplicity of maintenance. Pets do not need to cut and daily to brush: it is enough once a week to thoroughly comb your hair to not frizz-free and healthy and shiny. And, of course, we cannot forget basic grooming: a balanced diet, home inspection, routine vaccinations, antiparasitic treatments, etc.


The homeland of the breed is the Maine, United States. Amazing Maine Coon is the result of crossing the Angora, English and even non-pedigree Shorthair cats with the American farms. Strong ancestors and the harsh weather conditions of the area had a corresponding influence on the breed: cats were born strong, large, with a thick and dense coat that can protect them from the weather.

Fluffy tail and the color of Maine coons strikingly resemble the raccoon. Unusual similarities even formed the basis of the old local legend that Mei-kun is the favorite child of raccoon and wild cat. By the way, the word “Kun” in the name of the breed means “raccoon.”

In 1881, the breed was introduced to a cat named Captain Jenks at exhibitions in Berlin and New York. The huge stranger the audience was greeted with enthusiasm, and the breed began to gain popularity. However, the huge demand for Siamese and Persian cats killed the interest in Maine coons, but the breed was never forgotten, and in 1980 its popularity again started to gain momentum. By that time, it was already created the first standard of the Maine Coon breed (1960) and the breed was recognized by CFA (1976).

Modern Maine coons, thanks to the breeding work became even larger and superior to their ancestors. Today the breed is popular all over the world, for example, in Germany, breeding Maine coons engaged in a good half of the nurseries. Giants with tufts on the ears and love in our country.

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