Month: April 2020

Cats care

How to give a pill to the cat?

To give a cat a pill? It would seem, nothing complicated. However, for many pets and their owners, this process turns into a battle for life and death. Who will be the winner of this fight is a big question, but the scratches on the hands and loss of trust from the pet are guaranteed. […]

Cats parenting

Offended a cat?

Contents: Offended you cat? That cats feel when they are being bullied? What offended the cat? What if the cat offended? Can a cat be offended by the owner? That cats feel when they are being bullied? How to reconcile with your pet? This and many other questions in our article. Offended you cat? They […]

Cats care

do cats Sweat?

What happens to us when we sweat? The sweat glands secrete moisture, which by evaporation takes heat from the skin surface and causes cooling. Such a mechanism of heat transfer saves the body from overheating and allows us to be a long time in the sun or in a stuffy room without harm to health. […]

Cat breeds

Selkirk Rex

Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Cats with a striking appearance, with his coat resembling poodles or sheep. Close relatives of the noble Persian cats. Kind and sociable Pets with a calm temperament. The best companions for children. Appearance Selkirk Rex (or another name, the cat-sheep) – a charming pet with sheep fur, the furry […]

Cats transportation

Transport cats by plane

Contents: How to transport your cat on the plane? The basic rules of carriage of cats in aircraft If you got the issue of transporting cats on long distances, transportation by plane will be quite an effective solution. With proper preparation for flight and compliance with the rules of transportation of Pets, nominated by the […]

Kitten care

Where did the kitten have fleas?

Almost all stray cats and dogs (both adults and kids) infested with fleas, and this is not surprising. Another thing, when parasites are detected in your pet, never goes outside. Or, for example, a small kitten, which only yesterday brought from the breeder. But in practice, this is not surprising, and here’s why. Kittens infected […]

Cat health

Vaccinations for cats: what and when?

Contents: The first vaccination of cats What shots my cats? Vaccination schedule cats In previous articles we discussed whether vaccination of domestic cats, and talked about the rules of vaccination. But what vaccinations do cats and how often? The calendar of vaccination in our article. The first vaccination of cats For the first time, kittens […]

Cats care

is it Possible to walk a cat?

Contents: Can you walk cats? When the walk is contraindicated? Spring is slowly but surely enters into their rights. With the advent of warm cats often bask on the windowsill in the sunlight, and their owners wonder: can to bring a pet on the street? Do I need to walk with a domestic cat? Talk […]

Cat health

Should Our Cat Be Declawed?

fter declawing a cat, they will never be able to fully stretch out their body. Some Vets feel that feline declawing is an ethically controversial procedure; however, there is no scientific evidence that declawing leads to behavioral abnormalities. There is scientific data that shows that cats who have undesired claw behavior are more likely to […]

Cats care

March 1 — world day of cats

The magical month of March gives us not only the spring but wonderful holidays. On the first day of spring cat in the world needs to say a friendly “meow!”, since March 1 is world cat day, which means that their fans! And I love cats millions. Really, it’s hard to find a man who […]

Cat breeds

Thai cat

Contents: Description Character Health and life expectancy Care and maintenance History The mysterious heritage of Siam, which has preserved its original appearance from the 15th century until the present day. Description Thai cats have a compact, proportional physique and strong, developed muscles. They are graceful and elegant. The head of the “Thai” rounded, with a […]