Transport cats by plane

  • How to transport your cat on the plane?
  • The basic rules of carriage of cats in aircraft

If you got the issue of transporting cats on long distances, transportation by plane will be quite an effective solution. With proper preparation for flight and compliance with the rules of transportation of Pets, nominated by the carrier and host, this process is not as complicated as it may seem initially.

How to transport your cat on the plane?

Perhaps you have heard stories of how unprepared owners with Pets unwrapped at the airport, dashing all plans for the trip. To avoid this, the flights need to prepare in advance carefully having studied the information on the carriage of Pets in the selected airline and at the receiving side.

Rules of transportation of Pets may vary depending on the shipping company, so before purchasing tickets carefully review this issue.

The basic rules of carriage of cats in aircraft

  • A ticket for a cat is sold separately. Transportation of animals is paid in as special Luggage.
  • You need to tell the airline about Pets transportation no later than 36 hours before departure.
  • To transport the pet will require documents: the veterinary passport with actual stamps on all required vaccinations (the vaccine must be stamped no earlier than 12 months and not later than 30 days prior to the departure date) and a note about the treatment of parasites (necessary for some countries, ask about conditions). If you go to Europe, will not do without the microchip ISO 11784 (11785).
  • Transport pet carrier (container for the carriage of cats in aircraft) shall conform to the requirements of the airline (for example, a popular aircraft carrier for MPS). Read more about this in the article “a carrier for transportation of cats”. This is a very important question because the vast majority of cases, the mismatch-carrying airlines standards is a cause of failure in flight. Перевозка кошки самолетом

Don’t forget that the bring a cat in the cabin you can only if the combined weight of the pet and carry not more than 8 kg, and the sum of the length, width and height of the container is 115-120 cm (check with your airline). In other cases, the Pets are transported in the Luggage compartment.

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