How to teach a cat to carry?

Transportation, of course, it is always a stressful situation for the cat. And it’s not just a few hours away, the noise and new smells, but also to carry, which for many Pets, a terrible fire. Why is this happening and how to teach a cat not to be afraid of carrying?

The fear of carrying a cat is born through its Association. Think, based on what “communication” of your pet with a sinister object. Rather, it is unpleasant visits to the veterinarian, often accompanied by painful procedures, and meetings with strangers (not always friendly) animals, strange sudden smells. Perhaps the pet already had a negative travel experience, which is deposited in his memory. In addition, many owners lock their cats in carriers while cleaning, and trapped animals, hearing the noise of a vacuum cleaner, and realizing his helplessness, unable to experience the strongest stress.

To sum up, it is easy to see why cats are afraid pet, because they are always associated with something unpleasant and intimidating: noise, strange smells, limitation of motion, and sometimes with real physical pain. And in order to wean your pet to fear you need to kill it negative connotations, replacing them with the extras. How to do it?

For starters, get the portability of a dark, scary closet and find a place for it in the field of view of a cat. Why are we doing this? When carrying hanging in the closet, the cat can not see it and did not remember it. But when approaching the hour of X and the owner pulls out a sinister object, the cat, seeing him, immediately recalls his past experiences and begins to think like this: “right Now I have something extremely unpleasant, as it was then. You need to do everything in my power to avoid this!”. Really in a few minutes, the owner goes in search of the cat that is hiding and resisting but to carry it still pushed, and a stressful situation is repeated again.

Как приучить кошку к переноске?

But if you leave the carrier in the open right in the room, sooner or later the cat appears to her interest, and she starts to investigate further. Of course, if the cat is already afraid of carrying, you will have to make small tweaks to a little to help a new acquaintance pet with an old enemy. And your best assistant in this case – delicacy.

Buy special treats for the cats (they are not only incredibly tasty but also very useful) and put a few slices in the carrier. Do not worry if the cat ignored this action and continued to stay in the side, stubbornly avoiding the sinister subject matter. Take your time, in no case, do not push the cat to carry, give her the time and freedom of action. Pet may need a few days to realize that “no threats no, no I was not tortured, I’m going to be talking about.” And after that, a small predator will be curious about what this item does in his possessions and how it can be used.

By the way, it is better to put the kennel in a place where the pet is often the case, for example, near his own couch or in the hallway. If you put the kennel in the far corner, which usually now has not received the attention of a cat, then your pet will begin to ignore it with more zeal.

It is advisable to accustom the cat to carry from childhood when the negative associations she is not yet hardened. Many owners even put in a kennel comfortable couch, and a satisfying pet is happy to bask in her without any memories of the flights and veterinary clinics. Instead of couches in a kennel, you can put something with your scent or a favorite toy cat.

Don’t forget, our main goal is to show your pet that the carrier is not scary, but quite nice and functional. And, of course, your cat will love from time to time to find her tasty treats!

Как приучить кошку к переноске?

Now imagine how easier life if you don’t have to catch the struggling cat, and shoved it in the container for 5 minutes. Pet, who is used to carrying and perceives it as a holiday destination, happy to sit in it himself. Don’t forget to praise him and give a treat, because it helped in this case!

Happy travels!

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