Where did the kitten have fleas?

Almost all stray cats and dogs (both adults and kids) infested with fleas, and this is not surprising. Another thing, when parasites are detected in your pet, never goes outside. Or, for example, a small kitten, which only yesterday brought from the breeder. But in practice, this is not surprising, and here’s why.

Kittens infected with fleas?

  1. Fleas are the most common external parasites of dogs and cats. They are very mobile and quickly find a new “host”.
  2. If mites during the cold weather for hibernation, fleas are dangerous all year round. They live in cellars and entrances of houses, on the street (in the cold season close to the heat), infected animals are transferred – and not only!
  3. Parasites can be brought into the apartment with another pet. For example, if you have in addition to kitten a dog fleas can get into the house on her fur.
  4. To put parasites into the apartment and the host, without knowing it. On the street or at the entrance of the flea can jump on your clothes or shoes. Once inside, she “moved” to the animal.

  1. To protect Pets from parasites can only be qualitative, regular treatment!
  2. Fleas can get into the apartment through the door or the cracks in the walls and floor. As we have mentioned above, these parasites live in the cellars and entrances of houses and can easily “slip” into the apartment.
  3. Fleas are passed to the kittens from the Mama cat. If you find fleas you have just purchased a kitten, then the breeder was dishonest and did not provide for Pets in optimal conditions.
  4. Fleas multiply very quickly. While fleas are little, they can not notice, because the cat is not itchy. But just a few days the number of parasites increases several times, the contamination becomes apparent. That is why very often the owners find fleas when they are already very much.
  5. Fleas can get to your kitten through objects from another pet. For example, if a friend lent you “almost new” couch from your cat, first and foremost, it should be thoroughly washed. You have no guarantee that in the folds of couches are not hiding the eggs and larvae of parasites.

Considering all these points, the infected fleas do not seem something out of the ordinary. Agree?

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