How to give a pill to the cat?

To give a cat a pill? It would seem, nothing complicated. However, for many pets and their owners, this process turns into a battle for life and death. Who will be the winner of this fight is a big question, but the scratches on the hands and loss of trust from the pet are guaranteed. Is there a way to avoid it?

In the life of every domestic cat there comes a time when she has to take a pill. And it might not have been in the treatment of any disease and in the prevention of parasites or, for example, the appointment of additional vitamins. And then the fun begins. If your pet takes medication safely, you can be called lucky. But often to cope with the struggling of animals can not afford the whole family. And a blanket or towel, which so carefully wrapped the cat in practice also be useless: pet Dodge and escapes, rewarding their “tormentors” scratches and subsequent neglect. Believe the word, its location after such a procedure to return it will be difficult!

And there is more sad situation. Sometimes in trying to give a pill owner may accidentally injure the mouth. In addition, the cat may choke or drown (if you give her liquid preparation). To avoid this, you must follow these rules

  • the pet is fixed in position sitting or standing, so his head wasn’t forward-backward;
  • need to open the mouth quickly and accurately, while pressing his fingers to the corners of the lips to the cat’s teeth so she didn’t bite;
  • tablet placed on the tongue under a slight angle in order not to fall into the trachea;
  • after you put the pill on the tongue, close the cat’s mouth, keep her head up and stroke the throat, stimulating the swallowing reflex;
  • the drug in liquid form is administered to a pet on the cheek (not choked) through a syringe without a needle.

But, as already noted above, it is easy to say – hard to do. Sometimes the cat so carefully twists that keep her (and especially to enter in her mouth suspension) seems impossible. Other tails are even more cautious. Like magic and sensing the situation and realizing that now will they headlong hiding and being caught, would not open my mouth or with amazing perseverance spits out the pill.

And here comes to the aid of a special Introducer for cats. What is it?

It is designed specifically to quickly and simply give pet medication. It is a small tube with a plunger and tip, which is easily introduced into the oral cavity. Due to the comfortable design and soft tip sheath is completely safe for your pet.

How to give a pill to the cat?

How does the sheath? Actually all is easier:

  • place the pill in the tip;
  • open the cat’s mouth;
  • place it on the root of the tongue;
  • push the plunger to push out the pill (or liquid medication);
  • remove the Introducer.

After the introduction of medication don’t forget a bit to pet his head and stroke his throat so he made a swallowing motion and did not spit out the pill.

Despite the fact that the introducers are standard tools veterinarians use them can any newcomers, but because they have to be in your medicine cabinet. Believe me, it will make life easier for you and your pet. They can be purchased in almost all pet stores. Manufacturer — firm Kruuse (Buster).

By the way, sometimes the owners added to the sheath to tablet a little water to the cat easier swallowed the drug. But, as a rule, no problems arise.

Take care of your Pets and not give them a reason for you to be offended!

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