Technology & grill pouches for cats: what is it?

I heard about the grill pouches for cats? What is it and what they eat, discuss in our article.

Grill the spider is a novelty in the field of balanced prepared feed for cats and dogs. What are they like?

It’s simple. Imagine meat, roasted on the grill. It turns out much more juicy and flavorful than after boiling and frying. And most importantly, it is more and more useful!

When the meat is cooked on the grill, fat from it freely flows down. When frying in a pan the grease remains on the surface, modifiers under high temperature and deposited on food, making it hard to detach and reducing the beneficial properties. Technology allows the grill to avoid it. Therefore, frying and roasting on the grill are considered a more useful method of cooking meat.

Технология гриль-паучей для кошек: что это такое?

Technology grill: maximum taste, maximum benefits.

Trying to please Pets a special taste and at the same time to maintain their health, to the technology of the grill turned and feed manufacturers.

First grill the spider was released by the company Monge. New line of Grill Cat suitable for cats of all breeds and even for the most demanding, which is difficult to surprise some delicacy. What is special about the line?

Технология гриль-паучей для кошек: что это такое?

  • Food consists of fresh selected pieces of meat or fish and vegetables from ecologically clean regions of Italy.
  • The meat is cooked on the technology of baking. It is baked on the grill in one piece. Then cut into small pieces and connects with fragrant jelly, cooked separately from the broth. This product is the most juicy and easily digested.
  • A varied palette of flavors: salmon, mackerel, rabbit, chicken, lamb, etc.
  • The composition of the diet is balanced. Food is suitable for each stage of development cats.
  • Complies with the EU diet.
  • There are crops that are difficult to digest and provoke food intolerance.
  • Only natural ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives, colors and GMOs.

Well, that is pretty impressive.

Технология гриль-паучей для кошек: что это такое?

Rest assured, if earlier, your furry whim turns up his nose from the superpipelined feed, now you have found the perfect diet for all occasions. Grill pouchy exactly howl her heart, and most importantly, will retain her health and beauty.

Friends, as you are already familiar with the grill Panchami? Share reviews!

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