do cats Sweat?

What happens to us when we sweat? The sweat glands secrete moisture, which by evaporation takes heat from the skin surface and causes cooling. Such a mechanism of heat transfer saves the body from overheating and allows us to be a long time in the sun or in a stuffy room without harm to health. But were you able at least once to see the sweaty cat? I think the answer will be negative because of the freedom of small predators and their methods of regulating body temperature.

Cats have virtually no sweat glands (except in areas of the lips, cheeks, around the nipples, the anus and on the paws), so their body cannot release heat through sweat. This peculiar anatomy and dogs. However, unlike their comrades meowing, dogs absolutely do not mind this feature of the body, and often they run in the heat with the same enthusiasm as on the cool. But what happens to the dog when she gets hot? Properly, it sticks out its tongue and starts frequently and breathe deeply. Thus in her body temperature. But the cat behaves in a completely different way.

First, she instinctively avoids overheating and is struggling not to be too long in the sun. Note the behavior of your cat: she never runs and never played in intense heat, and in a stuffy room finds the coolest place. Preferring to preserve energy, the cat always takes the position of eliminating overheating. That is, the regulation of the body temperature of a cunning pet is through the choice of comfortable places. Yes, on a warm day I love the cat lounging on the windowsill in the sun, but from time to time they will go in the shade to stabilize the temperature. Thus, the body of a cat maintains a relatively low metabolic rate and avoid overheating.

The position of the animal during rest and sleep – this is a hint about his perception of ambient temperature. When the cat is cold, it curls into a ball when she’s hot – in the sky. A sort of human thermometer is her nose and upper lip, they are sensitive to tiny temperature fluctuations.

If the cat is forced for a long time to be in a hot room, it becomes very bad. She frantically swallows air, her breath becomes very quick, eyes wide open, heartbeat elevated. Therefore, when transporting the cats in the warmer months so it is important not to leave it for a long time in a closed car because it is very difficult to tolerate overheating.

Interesting, but the whole sensitivity to high temperatures, Pets can walk on hot surfaces (e.g. roofs) that we would only in the presence of the Shoe.

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