Vaccinations for cats: what and when?

  • The first vaccination of cats
  • What shots my cats?
  • Vaccination schedule cats
In previous articles we discussed whether vaccination of domestic cats, and talked about the rules of vaccination. But what vaccinations do cats and how often? The calendar of vaccination in our article.

The first vaccination of cats

For the first time, kittens are vaccinated at the age of 2 to 3 months. 2-3 weeks is definitely re-vaccination. The fact that kids are still working colostral immunity protection, imbibed with mother’s milk. It does not allow the body to produce an independent response to the vaccine.

So the body learned to work with the virus itself, and is re-vaccination.

Adult cat vaccination showing 1 once a year throughout life. What explains this periodicity?

Introduced the vaccine causes the body to produce antibodies that protect it from virus infection. They continue to circulate in the blood for a long time, but after a year their number decreases. To extend the protection necessary new vaccination, which will again trigger the production of antibodies.

Прививки кошкам: какие и когда?

What shots my cats?

Cats are vaccinated against the most dangerous and, unfortunately, quite common diseases: calicivirus, panleukopenia, Bordetella, the herpes virus type 1, rabies. These diseases are dangerous for the entire life of the cat. Some of them are not treated and represent a danger not only for animals but also for humans. Rabies is the most dangerous disease in all cases without exception leads to death.

Vaccination schedule cats

The exact vaccination schedule for your specific pet sets a veterinary specialist. Depending on the health status of a cat, environmental factors and types of vaccine date of vaccination can be shifted. For a General understanding can be guided to approximate the vaccination Protocol, but the final time must be agreed with the veterinary surgeon.

Прививки кошкам: какие и когда?

Do not neglect the necessary and let your pet will always be healthy and full of energy!

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