is it Possible to walk a cat?

  • Can you walk cats?
  • When the walk is contraindicated?
Spring is slowly but surely enters into their rights. With the advent of warm cats often bask on the windowsill in the sunlight, and their owners wonder: can to bring a pet on the street? Do I need to walk with a domestic cat? Talk about this in our article.

Can you walk cats?

Will the pet go for a walk – to decide its owner. A definite answer to the question, do I need to walk the cat, no.

Overall, output of a domestic cat on the street, and at any time of the year. Tours allow to diversify leisure, improve health, increase vital tonus, improves the physical form. But keep in mind that street for a pet is always a big risk. Walking a cat can pick up a serious infection, to trauma, to break the straps and run away. Of course, subject to the rules of walking the likelihood of trouble is minimal, but it is still there. Therefore, to solve only to you!

You have two options: periodically walking with a cat at any time of the year or even not display it on the street.

Try to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision to first take the cat to walk. If after a couple of walks you will change your mind, pet with your opinion to disagree. As a protest he will spend hours yelling at the door, seeking the next paddock. And wean him from this will be difficult. The cat, who has already been on a walk, get bored to sit all the time in the apartment.

Take out only a healthy cat!

Even if you have both hands on the walking, you need to learn some “contraindications”. Walking is not always safe and beneficial for cats. Here are the main cases when to bring a cat into the street impossible.

Можно ли выгуливать кошку?

When the walk is contraindicated?

– if the cat is not vaccinated or vaccination is not met,

– during the period of quarantine after vaccination

– during illness and rehabilitation,

– in heat,

– in the period of pregnancy and feeding a litter,

– if the cat is not treated against parasites.

Desirable to go on walks with unsterilized Pets: their behaviour is very difficult to predict. One whiff of the neighbor’s cat, your seemingly calm and docile cat can make a sudden escape. Be careful!

To organize the walk will help the article “How to walk the cat?”.

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