Can food be different from batch to batch?

  • How they work artificial additives?
  • Why granules organic feed different?
  • Does natural feed preservatives?
On specialized forums often discuss the question of whether dry food for cats and dogs differ from batch to batch? Imagine the situation: you bought a new pack feed the same range and from the same manufacturer as before, but the granules differ from the previous in size, shape, color and even smell. Is it a fake? Talk about this in our article.

This situation is easy to consider the example … of potatoes. Remember industrial chips or potatoes whole in fast food restaurants. They are perfectly flat, smooth, large and identical. And looks like your harvest from the garden? In nature, nothing is the same, and here’s a reason to think!

Perfect proportions and 100% identity in the field of feed production are achieved through the use of artificial additives. How do they work?

How they work artificial additives?

Synthetic supplements have no nutritional value and are used to bring feeds to a single standard. They keep the same color, size, granule shape and irrespective of the party and provide visibility of the product.

Unfortunately, not all of them is safe for the health of the animal. For example, caramel coloring contains methylimidazole – the component is carcinogenic to animals. Artificial preservatives and butylated hydroxyanisole are for cats and dogs toxic, and technological additives the hydrocolloids can lead to inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract. However, many feed manufacturers continued to use them in production.

Может ли корм отличаться от партии к партии?

Why granules organic feed different?

Feed the same line from the same manufacturer can vary from batch to batch. It is in any case not fake, but the consequence of natural composition.

Responsible producers of organic feed refuse from technological additives to make the pellet identity. They have their own technology to ensure uniformity of feed, but the emphasis first is not on the appearance of granules, and their quality.

So, without the use of artificial dyes, preservatives and other additives the color of the forage depends primarily on the color of its components (meat, grains, vegetables, etc.), which in nature is always different. In addition, organic food is subject to natural organoleptic changes that affect color saturation. That’s why the color and shape of the pellets can vary depending on affiliation to the party. If this is reflected in the quality?

No, and no again. For the production of high-quality feeds are used as the best natural products. Good manufacturers usually guarantee the high nutritional characteristics of each batch.

Does natural feed preservatives?

Studying the composition of natural food, you can stumble on preservatives. However, don’t confuse them with synthetic additives. In such feed can be used preservatives derived from natural sources, such as a natural mixture of tocopherol and Rosmarinus officinalis extract (as dry rations Monge). They need to preserve the nutritional properties of the product for a long time, and absolutely safe for Pets.

Have you noticed differences between the parties?

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