Classes of food for cats

You got a cat and decided to feed her the ready-made diets? This is definitely the right choice. The composition of the prepared feed fully meets the animal’s needs for adequate nutrition, besides you don’t have to spend time cooking dinner for your household meowing. There is only one important addition: to benefit, the food must be really high quality. But how to understand the diversity of existing lines? What cat food and food what class to choose?

Accessory feed to a particular class is a good tip for the owner of the pet. Knowing the characteristics of the classes, you can easily make an opinion about any line feed, barely glancing at its cover.

But when choosing food to be confined to the class is not worth it. Carefully study the composition and appointment of the ruler. If your cat’s special needs, the tendency to allergic reactions, or if you need a functional, preventive food – choose a diet in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor, studying its composition.

Food for cats and dogs can be divided into several classes: economy, premium, super-premium and holistic. Let’s talk about each class more: how do they differ from each other?

1. Economy class

Feed economy classes are very popular in our country. In the first place, because they have the best price. At least so it seems at first. In practice, however, these foods have low nutritional value. Animals do not eat all the time ask for seconds. As a result, the economy does not look as impressive or totally absent.

But the main drawback remains that the economic composition of the feed does not meet the needs of animals in nutrition. For the manufacture of rations for the economy class used vegetable protein and substrate waste from the meat industry (damaged organs, skin, horns, etc.), the content of which does not exceed 6%. The raw material of poor quality explains the affordable price of this product.

But TRANS fats, these diets even oversaturated, which, of course, will not go your pet a favor. Colors, flavors and flavor enhancers in the composition – are also common.

In short, if a cat a long time to feed the economy rations, serious disruption of the digestive tract not long to wait. And they will be joined by other diseases that affect both the health and appearance of your pet. And only you can decide whether such “savings”.

Классы кормов для кошек

2. The premium class

Premium pet feeds are also made of offal, but their share is already much higher – about 20%. Unfortunately, such shares of the “meat” ingredients for a predator is too low.

However, in the part of the premium feeds does not include detrimental ballast substances, which cannot be said about the diets of the economy. Although flavor enhancers and dyes continue to be used.

Often occurs in animals allergic to feed premium. The fact that some by-products (e.g., nails, skin, etc.) may be poorly absorbed by the intestine of the cat, hence the allergic reaction. There is an interesting point: if the Allergy arose on premium food with chicken, this does not mean that the cat is really allergic to chicken. Rather, it is a reaction to the poor components, and a good feed of chicken no won’t be a problem.

3. The superclass

Feed the superclass is the ideal selection in which the optimal price combined with excellent quality. The share of the meat ingredients in the composition of such feed – 40% or more, which corresponds to the natural needs of cats. And used quality ingredients: fresh and digidrirovannoe finest meat, animal fat, etc. For example, the super wet-food Petreet about 64% consists of fresh tuna fish and contains natural seafood, vegetables and fruit.

As it should be in feeds for carnivores, the meat in superpremium-lines is the number 1 ingredient. Of course, GMOs in the composition of these feeds you will ever find. Rations fully meet European quality standards, they are nutritious and very useful.

By itself, the superclass is very wide and varied. It includes a large number of lines with different tastes, Bessarabia, hypoallergenic ruler, for kittens, adults and elderly cats, functional, medical line etc. in short, you will be able to choose the most suitable food for your cat, with her individual needs.

The composition of each line of the superclass is carefully balanced. This means that your cat will not need additional vitamins and minerals, as all are necessary for proper development, it will receive daily with food.

Классы кормов для кошек

4. Class holistic

Class holistic is a kind of know-how. Such foods are positioned as exclusively natural but written a little bit about them. Including because in practice it is, in general, the same super-feed, just with a new name and a higher price. For missed innovation – the most it!

Now we know what different classes of feed differ from each other, and hence the choice to make will be much easier.

Take care of their Pets, get them only quality products, and let them be well-fed, healthy and happy!

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