How to care for a newborn kitten?

  • The kitten learns from the first day
  • House for mom and kittens
  • Vyazhem baby without a cat
  • The results of the first week

Kittens from the first day of life to grow and adapt to the surrounding conditions. We will examine the features of the care for a kitten during the first week of life. Will show you how to help a cat-mom at the initial stage of rearing. Separately we will stop on how to care for a newborn kitten without a cat.

The kitten learns from the first day

Kittens are born covered with fur. It is too thin to protect kids from heat loss. So the crumbs gather in a bunch, pressed to her mother — they are so warm.

The bodyweight of a newborn kitten varies from 80 to 120 grams. Body length is approximately 9 to 12 inches.

Eyes in newborns, Pets tightly closed, they are slightly ajar at the end of the first week. In any case, you can not open the kitten’s eyes with your fingers, baby needs to adapt to the environment gradually. Immediately after the birth of the kitten’s umbilical cord, they need to be treated with a disinfectant solution, it will protect babies from infections. The umbilical cord will fall off by itself on the third or fourth day of life.

The ears of the baby will also be revealed gradually. A newborn kitten ear clogged skin folds. In the first week of the baby primarily relies on smell and touch. On the second day of life, the kitten moves to the abdomen of the mother, distinguishing smell. Reflexes help the baby to grab the nipple and suck milk from the mother. These reflexes can help the owner if I have to nurse baby from a bottle without a cat-mom.

In the first week of life, little Pets do not go and move on to the family nest crawling — sorted front paws. On the fourth or fifth day, the kitten becomes a rumor begins to react to loud sounds.

Как ухаживать за новорожденным котенком?

House for mom and kittens

For cats and kittens need to equip the place where the whole family is warm and safe. It can be a basket or a cardboard box, deep enough so that the kittens are not crawled out of it. On the edge of the box put the cloth in several layers. On the bottom is a wool blanket. On the blanket lay a disposable diaper — they need to be changed as needed.

Buy in a pet shop for an aquarium thermometer and put it in the cat shelter. So the kids do not feel cold under his thin coat, necessary in the first weeks of life to maintain the cabin temperature around 30 degrees Celsius. This can help heating pad, wrapped in a soft towel. Or electric included at minimum capacity. Put a heater on only one side, that part of the cover was cooler. Make sure that the housing of Pets is not standing in a draught or near a radiator.

Kittens from the first day of life are under the watchful supervision of a cat-mom. If she nurses the kittens, then your role is limited to support of the family idyll. Equip to the house next to the tray for the cat. Put food and drink for her nearby. So mom can hardly leave. Watch out for a health-cat-mother, she should eat and give newborns plenty of milk.

The cat knows better how to take care of their kids, so you better watch them from the side. Try not to take the kittens in his hands, otherwise there is a risk that the cat will cease to recognize their babies.

The first couple of days cat-mom gives kittens colostrum, which differs from the usual cat milk. Colostrum contains antibodies and provides the newborn with immunity. Some days a cat-a mother gives to her children the body’s natural defenses against infections, which will operate the first months of his life.

Как ухаживать за новорожденным котенком?

Vyazhem baby without a cat

Sometimes there are situations that the kittens are left without a mom or she can’t give them milk. How to care for a newborn kitten without a cat, how to feed him, and clean?

If you took the kitten from a litter of a stray cat, first take him to the veterinarian. You need to make sure that the pet is not contagious. This is especially important if the house has more Pets. The kitten can be in the incubation period, so better a couple of days to overdo it in a separate room. If you have nursed a litter of kittens, it is possible for them all to make one house, the main thing — that they were not crowded.

Constantly keep an eye on your kittens, they are very vulnerable. If you are not able to always be at home, connect loved ones to care for little ones.

In the first week of life kittens basically sleep and eat. They can sleep for 22 hours a day.

The ideal option is to find for the kitten or kittens “foster mother”, which will be able to feed. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, and in the role of mother will have to speak to the owner. Fed babies need small portions every two hours. What to feed? Special cat milk substitute, which you can buy from the vet or pet store. Cow’s milk for feeding kittens is not suitable.

For one meal a newborn kitten absorbs approximately five milliliters of a substitute cat milk. It is possible to measure a bottle of the special kit for feeding kittens or a plastic syringe without a needle. The nipple can be done, pierced part of the pipette. Food for the kitten needs to be warmed up to a temperature of 35-38 degrees, it is advisable to use the microwave. Warm the milk in a closed bottle under hot running water. To kitten realized that he needed to suck a bottle brush pacifier its contents.

Remember, in what position is the body of a kitten, when he absorbs the mother’s milk. Babysitting slightly raised his head rests the legs into the abdomen of a cat-mom. Try to feed the kitten in the same position. As the saturation of the kitten starts to suck more slowly and falls asleep.

After eating the dishes each time you need to boil.

After each feeding gently massage your tummy and excretory organs of a kitten with a sterile swab dipped in warm water. Will you help him to go to the toilet because in the first week of life with this problem he can’t handle himself. Urination, usually after each feeding, defecation — about three times a day. Once a day, wipe the body of the kitten warm damp towel — alas, there is no cat-mother, who would lick the fur baby.

In the first week the kitten is growing rapidly. Every day, the body mass increases by about 10 grams. The task of the first weeks of life a kitten is to get stronger.

Как ухаживать за новорожденным котенком?

The results of the first week

A healthy kitten is at the age of one week should react to loud sounds, easily creeping up to half a meter to the abdomen of the mother. Fur starts shining, you receive the first undercoat. The kitten is not sleeping day and night, eyes slightly ajar.

Bodyweight per week has increased significantly, the legs got stronger. If the kitten tries to get up, be sure to hold it from below with his hand, to stand on four legs yet he can’t.

While the kittens are quite small, call the veterinary surgeon on the house. Than before to show the baby to a specialist, the better. If any violations of the health of the kitten, contact your doctor. Procrastination and attempts to treat small pets independently subjected to it at risk.

The first kitten vaccinations are usually at the age of 12 weeks. Ask them about a veterinarian in advance. We hope that an auspicious beginning of life, a kitten will become a pledge of long life and good health of your pet.

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