Meat in feed for cats

Today pet stores offer a huge range of prepared feeds for cats, and each line is characterized by its own characteristics and composition. How not to make the wrong choice and offer your pet the diet that fully meets its needs for adequate nutrition?

First and foremost, pay attention to the main ingredient in the food.

All cats, no matter how tame they may be or no matter how he loved to bask in the sofa, remain the real predators, as evidenced by their anatomical features.

In the wild environment, cats eat mainly meat (diet dilute extracted from nests of bird eggs). They prey on birds, rodents, and rarely eat insects and reptiles. Vegetable food is almost not included in the cat’s diet. However, the small amount ingested by a cat from stomach content production and exerts its positive effect. However, to digesting large amounts of plant foods the body of the cat is not fit – and this should be taken into account when choosing the finished product.

With proper natural feeding in the diet of cats included grain and some vegetables, but only as a Supplement to high-quality meat. This rule must be followed and the choice of prepared feeds in the first place, with an emphasis on meat.

Meat is the main ingredient in the highest quality feed for cats. Producers of super – premium diets take into account the natural needs of Pets in nutrition and represent a product that fully satisfies them.

However, diet strife and even the meat (but not quality) product may not be of any use. Make sure that the feed was not artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes. Of course, flavor enhancers contribute to the taste appeal of food, but with frequent use, they have a negative effect on the nervous system and the retina of the eye, which is confirmed by numerous studies. But if you do not buy food with flavor enhancers to be something like a four-legged picky culinary taste are difficult to please?

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Try to offer them the diets with selected, fresh meat, passed a thorough inspection in the production process and not subjected to freezing. Quality meat naturally increases the palatability of the feed, and also much easier to digest.

Thus, the best choice for a home predator is a ready-made food, the main ingredient in which are not cereals, as is often the case, and the quality digidrirovannoe meat. Don’t forget to find detailed information on the composition (pay attention to the balance of vitamins, minerals and other useful elements), the purpose of the diet and the feeding recommendations, which appear on the front or reverse side of the package.

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