Aging cats

  • Signs of aging cats
  • Prevention of age-related changes

Over time, our Pets grow old as we are. But old age is a natural process and not a disease, and it need not be accompanied by hardships and afflictions. With the right care, age-related changes in Pets can significantly slow down, thereby prolonging their youth, health, and beauty.

But before moving on to prevention, remember, at what age cats are older and which age changes can occur.

The beginning of “retirement age” individually for each cat. Much depends on the breed and individual peculiarities of a pet and the quality of care and maintenance. For a gross generalization of “pensioners” can you call those cats that have already met their 10-year anniversary.

Signs of aging cats

Aged 10 years and above cats are less energetic and enthralling games prefer a quiet holiday. Their eyesight and hearing become weak, the hair can become dull and thinner. As in old age, the immune system deteriorates, the tendency to diseases that were not revealed earlier due to his youth can take over. The consequences of improper care and eating disorders will no longer wait in the wings and will appear immediately in the form of disruption of various body systems. Also, older cats are a limitation – the symptoms of arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Without timely treatment, they cause pet discomfort and cause pain that can be very strong. Represent a serious danger or disruption to the cardiovascular system, common in older cats.

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Prevention of age-related changes

But don’t be scared. In practice, all these problems can be delayed or minimized, thanks to well-structured care in accordance with the individual and age characteristics of the pet. Let’s see what is the prevention of age-related changes on what to focus on first.

– Proper feeding and BAD

Proper feeding is the most important contribution to the maintenance of youth and the health of your Pets. There is special balanced feed for older cats (e.g., MONGE SUPERPREMIUM CAT SENIOR), rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids, xylooligosaccharide and essential antioxidants to strengthen the immune system (vitamin E, etc.), glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for healthy joints and musculoskeletal medicine, and St. Thanks so feed Pets receive all the necessary nutrients to maintain health and beauty in accordance with their physiological characteristics.

Also in old age cats, it is advisable to provide special supplements, nutraceuticals (for example, VetExpert Atrovent). They eliminate the possibility of deficiency of useful substances (vitamins, macro – and micronutrients, polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, etc.) and due to its composition contribute to slowing of age-related dysfunction, and destruction of the skeleton and joints, support the internal organs, fight decrease in immunity, deterioration of vision, prevention cardiovascular and many other diseases, and so forth.

Quality nutraceuticals do not affect the balance of nutrients in the diet and are a useful addition to a balanced diet, thus ensuring comprehensive and very effective prevention of age-related changes.

In General, nutraceuticals are a vitamin cocktail and a powerful boost of energy. Many owners note that the introduction of nutraceuticals in the diet of older Pets becomes more energetic, active and cheerful, youth literally comes to them.

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– Drink plenty of liquids

We know to drink plenty of clean water is the key to youth and health. In the cat world, this law is also valid. But if we can purposefully force yourself to drink more water, then cats are more complicated. By their nature, they consume quite a bit of fluid that can lead to digestive disorders (if you feed a cat dry food) and the development of such serious diseases as ICD. In addition, from a lack of fluid in the body is depleted of cells, tissues lose their elasticity, and so as to get a cat to drink more fluids? Perhaps the only method is a prebiotic drink for cats (Viyo). They are very tasty and cats happy to drink them as a real treat. Thus, the body is saturated with liquid and at the same time receives prevention ICD and strengthening the immune system, which is especially important in the elderly. Don’t forget that clean water should always be freely available for cats.

– Physical activity

In a healthy body – healthy mind! Whatever Bumpkin by nature your pet, exercise (in our case active games) are required to be present in his life, at least in small quantities. Remember: there are no cats that don’t like to play at all. But there are toys that are not interested in a specific pet. Try to lure the cat is an interesting game, purchase her a few toys. The more to move your cat – the better will be its physical form, and hence the stronger will be its body. And, of course, the movement is the prevention of excess weight which our Pets certainly no good.

– Proper grooming

Health and beauty of hair depend not so much on the age of the cat, but on the right care for her and, of course, from a balanced diet. Grooming includes combing (frequency of brushing depends on the coat length of the cat), the use of quality tools for swimming and directly the optimal number of the swimming. Frequent washing of cats will lead to dry skin, poor-quality coat and hair loss. Overall, the cat should be bathed 1 time in 4 months. Forget about using human shampoo and soap. Wash the cats need specially designed for her assets selected in accordance with the peculiarities of its fur. Read more about bathing a cat, read our article “Do I Need to wash cats?”.

– No stress

This point is clear. As in humans, stress causes great harm to the body of cats and brings them aging. Try to keep your elderly Pets not nervous in vain and their lives were filled with positive impressions.

Старение кошки

– Daily home inspection and preventive visits to a veterinary specialist

It is very important to regularly inspect the cat for possible ailments and quickly contact your veterinarian. Do not forget that preventing diseases is easier than to cure them, and many ailments it is very important to detect at an early stage.

– Timely treatment, vaccination and treatment against parasites

Contact a veterinarian should always be at hand. Tighten with the ailments of your pet, hoping that “self-will” is the wrong strategy. The sooner you visit the veterinary surgeon, the faster the treatment, the better it will feel your pet.

Of course, regular vaccination and treatment against parasites for older cats also mandatory, because it is a reliable protection of their health, and with it youth and beauty!

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