How Pets manipulate us?

We get the pet or Pets give birth to us? What lies behind the gentle purr of a cat, plaintive eyes of a faithful dog or tilt of the head parrot? Still think that these people are geniuses of manipulation? There it was! About three of the most skilled manipulators in the world, read our article.

Top 3 brilliant manipulators

  • Birds

Our Top 3 open birds: parrots, Canaries and other domesticated birds. If you think that these Pets are very sociable, and not oriented to person, you do not know them!

In particular, every self-respecting parrot knows how to lure a boss in the game, to take away his delicious treat or to beg for a walk around the apartment. And for that, he has a lot of different techniques!

The bird may stretch on one foot and carefully look at you, slightly tilting his head and causing a torrent of emotion. And can go into an aggressive attack aggressively to surround you, seeing the hand of a favorite meal, or grab it on the fly.

Here’s a defenseless bird!

Как питомцы манипулируют нами?

  • Dogs

Second place in the Top-e given to the dogs!

The story goes that the dog – man’s best friend. However, this does not prevent them skillfully to manipulate us!

Dog has a really positive effect on the visual response, feel our weaknesses and imitate our behavior. Your dog may be perfectly obedient to you and behave very indecently with other members of your family.

The technique, proven over the years to seize the moment when the owner is not there to choose from surrounding the “weak link”, put his head on my knee during dinner and see so piteously as soon as possible. Treats will arrive necessarily! So to assert, then, that your “educated” dog never begging for food!

Harvard scientists, along with scientists of the University of Vienna psychology believe that dogs intentionally imitate human facial expressions and gestures.

Even if your four-legged friend perfectly executes the commands, not be sure that you are the master of the situation!

Как питомцы манипулируют нами?

  • Cats

And, of course, in the first place cats! These cute villains on their knees the whole Ancient Egypt! And if you think we worship cats today.

The power cats have over us is boundless. We are often looking for their attention, touches velvet purr, admire cat’s grace and become completely inadequate when find our dogs sleeping in funny poses!

Scientists from the University of Vienna believe that cats deliberately establish with the owners close emotional relationship and use different tactics. They can behave like children, a little hint, indiscreet demand and, of course, cranky. Besides cunning Pets would never just fins! Rest assured, if the cat gently poked you in the arm, and does she need something!

But genius manipulation would not be themselves without a secret weapon. In cats it sounds! Research conducted at Cornell University showed that the range of sounds to communicate with humans in cats is much wider than for communication with other dogs. These manipulators make sounds of a certain tone, which accurately interpreted by our ear. Who-who, and cats know how to show us your interest or, conversely, unwillingness to communicate with us.

While we were touched by the cat’s paws, cat studied us thoroughly and have developed a special language, which unmistakably affects us. Even if the man never had Affairs with cats, the sound of cat “meow” affects him as well and experienced the “kotowaza”!

The team led by Karen McComb, says that plaintive meowing cats choose a range that is similar to crying of the child. And all that we threw their things and rushed to their aid. Or brought a toy. Or a delicious sausage. Or changed the kitty litter. In a word, fulfilled every desire!

Как питомцы манипулируют нами?

Think about the ways manipulation can be infinite. However, here it is fact: our Pets know how to control us. To do this, they have enough charm and wit, and childlike (see, one more set!). Well how here to resist?

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