At what age to take a kitten?

At what age to take a kitten? Is one of the first questions that should come to the front of the future owner. And it is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. That at what age and how well the baby was taken away from mom depends on his future health and his behavior. Interesting, but many of the behavioral problems associated with kittens because the mother cat did not finish the process of education and set out a hierarchy.

Dreaming of kitten, we imagine a small fluffy ball that barely opened eyes and has just learned to walk. However, to rush into acquiring a pet in any case not worth it. Moreover, a competent breeder will never offer the baby up to the age of 12 weeks, and there are serious reasons.

Of course, when it comes to saving lives, many rules have to sacrifice, and if you take a kitten from the street, the situation is radically different. But in other cases to get a kitten who was not yet 2 months, not recommended. The optimal age for moving into a new house: 2,5 – 3,5 months. But why? It would seem that a month later with the birth of the kitten is completely independent and can eat. Kittens are really growing very quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for them to leave Mama, they are a little stronger. And here’s why.

In the first weeks of life the kitten is still not formed its own immunity. The baby gets immunity along with mother’s milk (colostral immunity), and his body can’t resist the pathogens alone. Thus, a premature separation from mother is a significant risk to the health of the kitten. Diarrhea, respiratory diseases and various infections – this is one of several consequences of early weaning a kitten from mother.

The first vaccination are kitten about 2 months old. At this time, the immune system, imbibed with mother’s milk, gradually replaced by own. After 2-3 weeks, the vaccine is administered again, since the residual colostral immunity interferes with the body to resist disease. A couple of weeks after re-vaccination health stronger kitten will no longer depend on mom. It is suitable period to move baby to a new home.

Small kittens play mainly with each other, and the cat almost does not interfere in their game. However, the first month of life kittens often begin to bite mom, trying to involve her in their games, and then start a real educational process. It is important to understand that in the first months of life no one can raise a kitten better than the mother cat. In the cat society built a strict hierarchy, and an adult cat familiarizes her cubs, labeling for kittens in their place. Often kittens bite and scratch their owners just because they were weaned early from mom, not having to learn the first rules of conduct.

В каком возрасте брать котенка?

Lessons learned from mom-cat, also have huge value in socializing kittens with humans and the surrounding world in General. Toddlers carefully observe the mother’s behavior and carefully copied it. If the cat-mother is not afraid of humans, so the kittens to anything to be afraid of them. If the cat-mother goes in a litter box and enjoys the kittens, the kittens will follow suit.

Buying a kitten at the age of 3 months, you will find that he already has basic skills. So, you don’t have to deal with raising a pet from scratch.

It is believed that kittens who have got to host almost in infancy, attached to it is much stronger than the strong kids. However, there is no reason to think so. Kitten of age 2 months or more are better prepared to meet the outside world. He enjoyed studying it, absorb information, learning to interact with people and knows who is his real family. The owner will certainly be in the center of the universe this little guy – and very soon you will see for yourself!

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