How you get rid of fleas off a kitten?

Handle kittens from parasites, you must be careful, because incorrectly selected medications or dosage can harm the fragile body. How to rid a kitten of fleas, talk in our article.

How you get rid of fleas in a kitten at home? 6 steps.

1. Consult with a veterinary specialist.

Upon detection of the kitten, fleas are best to consult a veterinary specialist, and not to start a fight with them yourself. The fact that the body of the kitten is not strong and incorrect antiparasitic treatment can lead to tragic consequences. Veterinary specialist to examine the kitten, and recommend that antiparasitic medications in accordance with age, weight and condition of the kitten, and prescribe safe dosage.

2. Select the appropriate tools.

If you go to the vet is not possible, select people of their own. Than to bring fleas in kittens? In pet stores you will be offered different shampoos, drops on the withers, sprays and collars. Your task is to carefully examine information about the tool (description, purpose, instructions of use, duration of protection, etc.) and select the appropriate. Consider only products designed specifically for kittens.

Antiparasitic products for adult cats and kittens are not suitable!

Be sure to pay attention to what age can be used by the drug. For example, the popular drops on the withers, Advantage (Advantage®) are used starting from 10 weeks of life, a comprehensive drug “Lawyer” – 9 weeks Brevetto are spot-on with 11 weeks. But how to bring fleas have month old kitten? So as not to harm the health of the baby, it is better to use drops and special sprays. For example, a spray front line is suitable for kittens from two days of age.

Как вывести блох у котенка?

3. Combine correctly!

Do not purchase multiple types of protection: drops, sprays, collars, tablets, etc. This kit will be disastrous not only for fleas but also for your kitty!

Processing must be carried out consistently and only with the combined each of the funds. The standard scheme is as follows: first you wash the kitten’s usual or antiparasitic shampoo, and after 3 days spend treatment of fleas one of the selected drug.

Depending on the state of the wool kitten may redeem before or after treatment. Importantly, the interval between bathing and use of the drug was 3 days, otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective. Please note that the shampoo does not guarantee 100% extermination fleas. It has a deterrent effect and is, rather, to prevent. That is why shampoo is used in the kit with another antiparasitic agent.

For kittens, it is recommended to select a special safe shampoo based on natural ingredients, free of parabens and harsh sulfates (e.g., Iv San Bernard Protective Shield).

4. Treated the apartment and the couch.

Fleas multiply very quickly. Adults primarily inhabit an animal, but their eggs, larvae and pupae scattered throughout the apartment: on the ground, where it is often resting cat, for example, on the couch or on the lounge chair. Once and for all get the fleas, you need to treat not only the pet, but also the room. This sells special products, particularly sprays.

5. Carry out deworming.

If your kitten had fleas, it is likely that there are worms because fleas carry the eggs. When with external parasites will be gone and the kid’s body will recover, be sure to perform deworming.

6. Protected regularly!

Fleas infest even the Pets that never leaves the apartment, so the treatment of the pet should be carried out regularly. How often – depends on the selected funds, i.e., the duration of protection. Once the period of protection expires, the processing is repeated.

Be vigilant and take care of their wards!

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