Blue eyes (Ojos azules) cat

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Harmonious cat with expressive blue eyes and a wide palette of color. Friendly and affectionate, blue eyes easily find a common language with others and get along well with other Pets. This cat is ideal for a large family and for one person, but really happy she is being in the center of your attention and care.


Blue eyes (the second name: Ojos azules) – amazing cat of medium size and of average build. Cat’s weight is approximately 5 kg.

According to the breed, standard torso have blue eyes of Oriental type, not too long and developed muscles, the backbone of medium or slim, the forelegs slightly shorter than hind. The cat is graceful, balanced, well proportioned. The head has the shape of an equilateral triangle, a square muzzle, chin not prominent. Eyes large, rounded, light in color or gray-blue, but not always. Despite the name, can be found the green-eyed Ojos azules, and cats with heterochromia (different colored eyes, for example, one eye or Golden green, the second blue), and kittens are born with copper eyes. The following shades are not considered a deviation from the standard. The darker and richer the color the better. Ears medium size, rounded at the tips. Tail proportionate to the body, tip pointed.

The coat is short, dense, soft and shiny, with a light undercoat. The color palette is almost limitless, but do not confuse the blue eyes drink with pure white cats and point colour. There may be markings on the muzzle, legs and tail. Spots on the abdomen and chest are considered a disadvantage.


Blue eyes – a lovely pet, which is easy to find a common language. It is a friendly, loving, cheerful cat. It is not peculiar whims, excessive independence and aggression.

Blue eyes are friendly to the guests and are characterized by openness and sensitivity towards loved ones. Sociable and playful, she gets along well with children, makes friends with other cats and even dogs.

If there are in the world Ojos Azules that bother the owners on the little things, – we know nothing about them! Ojos Azules are renowned for their unobtrusive. And they have the superpower to feel any changes the mood of the owner and to come to him when needed.

Due to the natural curiosity and pretty calm temperament, blue eyes show great progress in education and usually did not upset the owners of unwanted habits, do not spoil the Wallpaper and furniture.

Unlike many other cats, Ojos azules do not like to “walk by itself”. It comfortably close to the owner, in a small confined space. Usually, these cats don’t like to leave the apartment and have a hard time with transportation.

Bringing the blue eyes, it is important to understand that this is a very sensitive and contact pet. The cat instantly friendly to her, responds to the intonation, and any rudeness to her – a real meal. Kind and open, blue eyes deeply worried, if it feels cold.

Ojos azules – ideal breed for one person, and for a large family where there are children and other Pets.


The breed has good health. It is not a peculiar hereditary disease. With proper care, have blue eyes rarely get sick.

However, it is important to buy a kitten from a reputable breeder, but if you plan to breed, you strictly follow the rules. So, in any case, you cannot cross two blue-eyed cats, otherwise, the kittens will not survive, or are born with serious illnesses. Be attentive and careful!

Life expectancy

The average life expectancy Ojos azules in good conditions is about 13-15 years.

Maintenance and care

Blue eyes are relatively undemanding and require standard care. Short hair enough to brush just 1 time a week. Eyes and ears should be cleaned as needed. The claws are shortened as necessary, on average once a month.

The key to the harmonious development and good health is proper nutrition. Pick cats any balanced diet super-premium class (the main ingredient should be meat) and observe the rate of feeding. If desired, feed the cat dry and wet food ready the same manufacturer, but never mix finished feed and natural products. It is harmful for the digestive tract pet! As for treats, you need to use a special delicacy, not food from the table. Drinking water should always be freely available to the pet.

For the prevention of overweight (especially in neutered Pets) follow the recommendations on feeding and purchase for cats plenty of toys that she can play by yourself or together with you.

Голубоглазка (охос азулес) кошка

In the house where a cat lives, can not do without scratching, and preferably several. Sharpening claws is a natural need of cats. If special places for it is not, the cat will use the furniture and Wallpaper.

For clogged cat can and need to bathe. The key is to use special (shampoo and conditioner) for cats that suit your pet on the type of skin and coat. This is important not only for efficient cleansing but also for security: the wrong tools worsen the quality of wool and often lead to dermatological problems – e.g. dandruff, which can be difficult to get rid of.

Be sure to follow the schedule of vaccination and treatment against parasites, even if the cat never leaves the apartment. At least once a year (and preferably every six months) visit of the veterinary surgeon for a checkup.


Cats are not dogs, and you will not be able to teach them all the commands. However, cats breed Ojos azules very smart and inquisitive. Of course, “sit” and “down” on command the cat will not, but it can be taught to walk the “snake” to stand on hind legs and do other cute tricks.

The success of learning depends on the attention of the owner and the relationship between owner and pet. It is important to grasp what “tricks” the cat has a “calling” and then the method of promotion to teach her how to perform this trick on your gesture. For example, some cats like to stand on hind legs, looking out the window. Other jumps in his arms. And still others know how to turn off the lights. If you wish, you may attach this skill to a cat performed not only when pleased, but also your team. How to do it?

Watch for the cat. When she performs the desired action, give a voice command (you can invent any word) and give her a treat (choose from the special balanced for cats, not to hurt the body of the pet). Initially you may feel that no effect there. But over time the cat will develop the Association between action and encouragement, and she will learn to perform a trick at your command even without treats. But we recommend that you do not abuse it and treat the cat is often: she deserved it!


Breed of cats the Ojos azules appeared in the United States.

Blue-eyed beauty with amazing color were removed relatively recently, in the late 20th century. The beginning of the breed put amazing cat tortoiseshell with intense dark blue eyes. Until then, such eyes had met only at the point colour and white cats, but not the “turtles”. The first Ojos azules was Conflow, and she became a sensation! Just imagine the combination of chocolate colored fur and deep blue eyes – and you’ll understand why!

Americans still admire their blue eyes drink. Standard breeds of cats the Ojos azules was approved in the US in 1991.

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