Kymlicka cat (Cymric)

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Kymlicka cats are furry Pets with large expressive eyes, a short tail and a rich palette of color. Next of kin Manx tailless cats arrived in Europe from the distant Irish Islands.  – mental Pets, get along well with children.


Kymlicka (or second name, of Wales) cats are very similar to Manx. This is a pet medium size, weight varies from 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

Kibrisli cats have developed muscles, strong bones, compact body, square format, broad chest, rounded rump. Head of medium size, rounded, slightly stretched in length (longer than wide). The eyes are large and round, the color match the main color. The ears are wide at the base and rounded at the tips. The tail kemijskih cats short or totally absent.

The coat is semi-long and long on the sloping parts of the body. The feel is smooth and silky and the undercoat is well developed. The color palette is varied, and includes natural colours. Pattern: tabby.


Kymlicka cat is a favorite with the whole family. She gets along great with everyone: adults, children and Pets – unless, of course, and they are friendly. One of the guests in the house, which I have never seen before, not afraid, not avoid them companies.

The Cymric loves to play, he has an inexhaustible source of energy and is always very active.

Strongly tied to the owner, this pet is incredibly sensitive to his behavior and lack of attention can seriously be offended by the ever-busy owner.

Without good reason, kimiki will never show aggression. This affectionate cat, ideal for families with children.


Кимрийская кошка (Кимрик)

Have kemijskih cats good health. With the right content Pets rarely get sick. The average life expectancy is 13-15 years.

Particular care

Kimiki requires minimal care and maintenance. Their long hair enough to comb out only 1 time a week. From time to time inspect the pet, pay special attention to the condition of the eyes, ears and claws. As necessary, the ears it is recommended to clean with a special lotion and cut his nails, cutting off just the tip and in no case without touching the pulp.

The correct diet, routine checkups at the vet, vaccination and treatment against parasites are key to the health of your furry household.


In fact, kimiki is a new breed of Manx cats, the main feature of which is semi-long hair. On the creation of the breed worked breeders from Canada and the United States.

The breed is named after the ancient Celtic tribe of Kimry, which once lived on the Islands of the Irish sea. One of these Islands – the Isle of man and was brought to Europe the first of the Manx.

Kymlicka cats were recognized by the Canadian Association of fans of cats in 1970. In 1989, her example was followed by the CFA, but the new breed was approved as a long-haired Manx.

Today kimiki incredibly popular in the US, but in Europe they remain a rarity.

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